21 Cool ’90s Trends in Britain That Are Now Cringe-Worthy

Remember the 90s? The decade of Britpop, boy bands, and butterfly clips? It was a time of dial-up internet, Tamagotchis, and fashion faux pas. But looking back, some of the things we did back then might make you chuckle—or cringe. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit 21 things from the 90s that seem utterly absurd today.

1. Renting Videos from Blockbuster

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Friday nights meant a pilgrimage to Blockbuster to peruse shelves of VHS tapes and DVDs. Now, we have streaming services offering endless entertainment from the comfort of our sofas, rendering the once-beloved video rental store obsolete.

2. The Iconic Nokia 3310

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Indestructible, reliable, and equipped with the ultimate game, Snake. The Nokia 3310 was the epitome of mobile phone technology in the 90s. Today’s sleek smartphones make the once-revered Nokia seem like a relic from a bygone era of sturdy simplicity.

3. Tamagotchis: The Original Virtual Pets

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RIP countless virtual pets who met their demise due to neglect. Tamagotchis were the ultimate responsibility test for 90s kids, but today, we struggle to comprehend how we once prioritized pixelated creatures over real-life responsibilities.

4. Beanie Babies Investment Craze

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Remember when Beanie Babies were touted as the next big investment? People were convinced they’d fund their retirements by hoarding plush toys. Fast forward to today, and you’d be lucky to get a few quid for your once-prized collection.

5. Spice Girls Mania

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Girl power, platform shoes, and zig-a-zig-ah! The Spice Girls dominated the 90s music scene with their infectious pop anthems and iconic fashion statements. While their legacy lives on, the idea of frenzied fandom seems almost quaint in today’s age of social media influencers.

6. The Agony of Dial-Up Internet

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The screeching sound of dial-up internet connecting still haunts our nightmares. Today, waiting for a webpage to load for more than a couple of seconds is enough to induce frustration, let alone minutes.

7. Walkman Woes

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Ah, the Walkman: the epitome of portable music in the 90s. But swapping out AA batteries and carefully untangling cassette tapes seem like ancient rituals compared to today’s pocket-sized music libraries.

8. Pogs: Tiny Cardboard Discs of Obsession

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We traded, we battled, we amassed vast collections—all for what? Today, Pogs are gathering dust in attics, a reminder of our youthful obsessions.

9. Printed MapQuest Directions

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Planning a road trip meant printing out MapQuest directions, hoping they were accurate, and navigating by the stars if all else failed. Today, we have GPS apps that not only provide directions but also estimate arrival times and suggest pit stops.

10. The Joy of Mixtapes

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Creating the perfect mixtape meant meticulously recording songs from the radio and painstakingly crafting the ultimate playlist. Today, we have algorithm-curated playlists tailored to our every mood, rendering mixtapes a charming relic of the past.

11. Waiting for Film to Develop

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Capturing precious moments on film meant waiting days to see if your photos turned out. Today, we snap, edit, and share instantaneously, leaving the anticipation of film development in the past.

12. Payphones on Every Corner

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Before mobile phones became ubiquitous, payphones lined our streets like sentinels of communication. Now? They’re practically extinct, relegated to nostalgic props in period dramas.

13. The High-Stakes Pokémon Card Trading

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Gotta catch ’em all! Pokémon cards were the currency of playgrounds in the 90s, with kids trading and battling to build their ultimate deck. Today, those shiny Charizards might fetch a pretty penny, but the obsession seems like a distant memory.

14. Clunky Desktop Computers

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Forget sleek laptops; in the 90s, desktop computers dominated our homes. With their bulky monitors and noisy processors, they were a far cry from today’s sleek and silent machines.

15. Printed Photos in Albums

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Before Instagram, we preserved memories by printing photos and arranging them in albums. Today, our photos are stored in the cloud, accessible at the tap of a screen, making physical photo albums seem quaint and outdated.

16. The ‘Saved by the Bell’ Fashion

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Think acid-washed jeans, scrunchies, and neon windbreakers. The 90s were a fashion rollercoaster, and not necessarily in a good way. Today, we look back at our sartorial choices and wonder, “What were we thinking?”

17. JNCO Jeans: The Wider, the Better

Image Credit: Pexels / ALINA MATVEYCHEVA

JNCO Jeans: the epitome of 90s fashion excess. With legs wide enough to fit a small family, they were a fashion statement that’s best left in the past.

18. AOL Instant Messenger

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Before WhatsApp and iMessage, there was AOL Instant Messenger. The thrill of hearing “You’ve got mail!” and chatting with friends in chat rooms seems quaint in today’s era of instant messaging apps.

19. The Thrill of Video Game Arcades

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Spending hours in smoky, dimly lit arcades, feeding coins into machines in pursuit of high scores. Today, video game arcades are a rarity, replaced by the convenience of gaming consoles and online multiplayer.

20. Britpop Rivalries

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Oasis vs. Blur: the ultimate Britpop rivalry that divided music fans in the 90s. Today, we can appreciate both bands’ contributions to music history, but the fervent allegiance to one over the other seems comically intense in hindsight.

21. Fax Machines: The OG Email

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Before email became ubiquitous, fax machines were the primary mode of long-distance communication. Today, the idea of sending a document via fax seems antiquated, with email providing instant and convenient communication.

A 90s Odyssey

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As we reflect on the quirks and quagmires of the 90s, it’s clear that the decade was a unique blend of innovation and absurdity. While we may chuckle at our past selves, we can’t help but cherish the memories that defined a generation. Here’s to embracing nostalgia while celebrating the journey that brought us to where we are today. Cheers to the 90s!

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