The Surprising Advantages of Same-Sex Marriage

Extensive research over the past 20 years now shows that the legalization of same-sex marriage has not harmed straight marriages and instead positively impacted marriage rates and societal well-being across all demographics.

The Gay Marriage Debate

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Gay marriage in the United States has been an unfortunately heated debate for decades. Before that, the very idea of same-sex marriage was, at best, laughable and, at its worst, a death sentence.

The Impact on Straight Marriages

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While same-sex marriage has been fought off with a wide variety of stances, one of the most prolific challenges has centered around the potential impact on straight marriages. 

Fearing Change

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As much as people fear what they don’t understand, they may fear that the things they do understand will be forced to change even more.

Struggling to Understand

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For many straight, and more often than not, conservative Americans, they struggle to empathize with someone else being attracted to the same gender in any context.

Capitalizing on Fear

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With this lack of empathy and understanding,  many anti-LGBTQ+ advocates have capitalized on this fear and spread the idea that gay marriage is a threat to straight marriage.

Settling the Debate 

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However, over the past 20 years, extensive research has been conducted in order to better understand the impact of gay marriage on straight marriage, and it may finally settle this debate once and for all.

The Studies Findings

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 According to the findings of studies by RAND and UCLA, they found no negative impacts on marriage, divorce, or cohabitation rates among different-sex couples due to the legalization of same-sex marriage.

No Negative Outcomes

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Benjamin R. Karney, a UCLA psychology professor and adjunct researcher at RAND, emphasized that the negative outcomes predicted by opponents of same-sex marriage did not occur following its legalization.

Undermining the Institution

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Karney said, “Some of those who opposed the granting of marriage rights to same-sex couples predicted that doing so would undermine the institution of marriage, resulting in fewer couples marrying, more couples divorcing and an overall retreat from family formation.”

Not Come to Pass

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Karney then concluded his point by saying, “Overall, the fears of opponents of same-sex marriage simply have not come to pass.”

A Positive Impact

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Despite the continued narrative that gay marriage will somehow have a negative impact on straight marriages, the study found that the increase in legalized same-sex marriage has positively impacted straight marriage rates.

For All Demographics

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The trend of increasing straight marriage isn’t just seen among same-sex couples but across all demographics and suggests a renewed public interest in the institution of marriage.

Further Benefits

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Unspirpsingly, same-sex marriage legalization also correlates with improved physical health among LGBTQ+ individuals due to higher levels of health insurance coverage and reduced health risks.

Gauging the State

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It seems a state’s same-sex marriage legalization provides a great gauge of the safety and comfort of the LGBTQ+ within the state since it also correlates with a decline in hate crimes and an increase in state-level adoption rates.

Better Marriages

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While the studies reveal that same-sex marriage positively impacts straight marriage, in a funny turn of events, it seems the LGBTQ+ community is better at marriage than the straight is.

The Same-Sex Marriage Benefit

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Thanks to the “marriage benefit” that extends to both same-sex and different-sex couples, same-sex households have experienced more stable relationships, higher earnings, and increased rates of homeownership.

In Over 100 Studies

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In an analysis of more than 100 studies, they all consistently show significant benefits to same-sex couples, no harm to straight marriages, and improvement of the community as a whole.

Refuting the Claim

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Melanie A. Zaber, a RAND economist, addresses and refutes the concern that allowing same-sex marriage would lead to a decline in the institution of marriage.

Renewed Salience

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Zabar said, “The only changes we detect are suggestive of a renewed salience of marriage among the broader public.” 

No Empirical Basis

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Zabar concluded, “There is no empirical basis for concerns that allowing same-sex couples to marry has negatively affected different-sex couples and families.”

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