20 Beloved UK Assembly Songs We Miss Singing

Remember those school assemblies where we’d all reluctantly shuffle in, only to end up belting out songs with more enthusiasm than a pop concert? Whether you loved them or just loved to hate them, here’s a look back at 20 assembly classics that are strangely missed.

1. Morning Has Broken

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Yes, the morning had broken, and so had our spirits, trying to hit those high notes first thing before double maths.

2. One More Step Along the World I Go

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Because nothing says ‘moving forward’ like singing about it in a stuffy hall whilst stuck in your school uniform.

3. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

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A comforting thought unless you pictured that world slipping through those giant, cosmic fingers during exam season.

4. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

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Ironically sung by the same kids who’d be brawling in the playground ten minutes later.

5. All Things Bright and Beautiful

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All creatures great and small, except the school hamster that mysteriously vanished.

6. Kumbaya

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The quintessential campfire song that made us feel just a bit too kumbaya for comfort in our rigid school seats.

7. Give Me Oil in My Lamp

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Keep me burning with a barely disguised enthusiasm for recess and lunchtime more than anything spiritual.

8. Autumn Days

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Because nothing says ‘British schooling’ like singing about jet planes meeting in the air being refuelled and a wintry feelin’ in the wind.

9. Lord of the Dance

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Dance, then, wherever you may be, except maybe in the lunch queue where Mrs. Miggins strictly prohibits it.

10. Water of Life

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Dehydration was a real risk after singing this for the umpteenth time without a water break.

11. Colours of Day

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This song brightened up our days… which was necessary, considering the typical British weather outside.

12. Shine, Jesus Shine

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Singing as if trying to summon a break in the clouds with the power of our young, hopeful voices.

13. Go Tell It on the Mountain

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And tell it we did, though not about Jesus, more about who had a crush on whom this week.

14. Thank You for the Days

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Especially snow days, inset days, and any other day we didn’t actually have to come to school.

15. It’s a Small World After All

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A song that promised global unity yet somehow always incited chaos as everyone tried to sing faster than the music.

16. We Plough the Fields and Scatter

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Ideal for instilling agricultural values in children who’d never been closer to a farm than their local supermarket.

17. Who Put the Colours in the Rainbow?

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Who put this song in our assembly? That’s the real question we wanted answered.

18. Peace Perfect Peace

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The irony of yearning for peace while seated next to your sworn enemy in the alto section was not lost on us.

19. Jerusalem

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And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green? Not sure, but we definitely didn’t walk anywhere near enough according to the PE teacher.

20. The Harvest Samba

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Nothing quite like a samba to celebrate rural harvest festivals in the most urban schools imaginable.

Oh, How We Sang!

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Whether these songs bring back fond memories or make you cringe, there’s no denying they shaped some part of our school days. Now, who’s up for a reunion to sing them just one more time? No takers? Thought so.

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