21 Bizarre UK Degrees That Actually Exist

So, you thought university was about serious study and noble pursuits? Think again. Here’s a list of degrees so bizarre, you’ll wonder if academia has completely lost the plot.

1. Bachelor of Arts in Social Media Influencing

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At University of Brighton, students can now major in Social Media Influencing. Here, theory meets hashtag with courses on viral marketing and personal branding. It’s not just about posting selfies; it’s about strategizing them.

2. Masters in Youtubing

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The University of Manchester offers a groundbreaking Masters in Youtubing, blending film studies with digital analytics. Students dive deep into content creation and audience engagement, turning their YouTube channels into credible academic projects.

3. BA in Reality TV Studies

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Who wouldn’t want to analyse the Kardashians as an academic exercise? Middlesex University thinks many will, offering a BA in Reality TV Studies where students deconstruct the genre’s impact on modern society.

4. Advanced Diploma in Coffee Art

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Gone are the days when a cup of joe was just a beverage. Now, at the University of Wolverhampton, you can get an Advanced Diploma in Coffee Art, studying the intricacies of milk frothing and coffee bean grinding.

5. PhD in Memetics

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Explore the science of memes with a PhD in Memetics from the University of Essex. This programme dives into digital culture’s viral aspects, examining how memes influence and reflect societal norms.

6. MA in Superhero Studies

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At Birmingham City University, students can pursue an MA in Superhero Studies. This course examines the history and cultural significance of superheroes across comics, movies, and television.

7. Bachelor of Science in E-Sports Management

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With the booming e-sports industry, the University of Chichester now offers a BSc in E-Sports Management. This degree covers everything from team management and game strategy to event planning and digital marketing.

8. MSc in Digital Detoxing

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The University of Glasgow offers an MSc in Digital Detoxing, teaching students the psychology of internet addiction and strategies for digital detox. It’s a sign of the times, combating our always-on culture.

9. Bachelors in Vegan Culinary Arts

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Oxford Brookes University introduces a Bachelors in Vegan Culinary Arts, focusing on plant-based cooking techniques and the sustainability of food sources. It’s about changing the world, one vegan meal at a time.

10. Masters in Emoji Analysis

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At the University of Leeds, linguistics takes a modern twist with a Masters in Emoji Analysis. Students decode the complexities behind our everyday digital expressions, researching linguistic shifts in digital communication.

11. Bachelor of Arts in Drone Photography

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Leeds Beckett University now offers a BA in Drone Photography. This course covers aerial shooting techniques and the ethical implications of drone use in both civilian and commercial spaces.

12. MA in Internet Celebrity Culture

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Explore the rise and impact of internet celebrities with an MA in Internet Celebrity Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London. It’s about understanding the power dynamics within social media fame.

13. BSc in Virtual Reality Design

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The University of the Arts London goes digital with a BSc in Virtual Reality Design. This programme focuses on creating immersive virtual environments, blending creativity with cutting-edge technology.

14. Masters in Sustainable Festival Management

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Catering to the eco-conscious generation, the University of Leeds offers a Masters in Sustainable Festival Managers. This degree focuses on organising music and arts festivals with a minimal environmental footprint.

15. Advanced Diploma in Cryptocurrency Investment

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London School of Economics offers an Advanced Diploma in Cryptocurrency Investment, merging finance with the burgeoning world of blockchain and digital currencies.

16. Bachelor of Arts in Meme Culture

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Dive into the viral world of memes with a BA in Meme Culture from the University of Kent. It’s an exploration of digital humour and its socio-political impact on modern discourse.

17. PhD in TikTok Analytics

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The University of Surrey offers a PhD in TikTok Analytics, focusing on the platform’s algorithmic influence and its role in shaping youth culture.

18. Bachelor of Science in Astrology

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At the University of Westminster, students can explore a Bachelor of Science in Astrology, blending astronomy with the mystical to predict and analyse human behaviours.

19. Masters in Netflix Studies

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The University of Birmingham introduces a Masters in Netflix Studies, examining the streaming service’s role in shaping contemporary television and its cultural implications.

20. Bachelor of Arts in Festival Fashion

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Nottingham Trent University taps into the lucrative festival scene with a BA in Festival Fashion, studying the trends and business of festival clothing.

21. Masters in Hashtag Science

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Middlesex University offers a Masters in Hashtag Science, exploring the viral mechanics behind hashtags and their role in global communication.

Degrees of Absurdity

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Are these degrees a sign of innovative times or just academia’s latest cash grab? One thing’s for sure, they’re drawing in students, ready to study the quirkiest aspects of contemporary culture.

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