20 Brexit Results We’re Absolutely Delighted With

In the grand scheme of things, Brexit was quite the masterstroke, wasn’t it? Let’s look at why leaving the EU was clearly the best decision the UK ever made.

1. Sovereignty Overload

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Who doesn’t love paperwork? With sovereignty regained, we now have the pleasure of crafting our very own rules and regulations—just like the good old days, only with more bureaucracy.

2. Fruit Picking Vacations

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With fewer EU workers around, Brits now have the exciting opportunity to get back to nature. Who needs Spain when you can enjoy a staycation in the fields of Kent?

3. Long Airport Queues

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The thrill of spending extra time in airport queues is unmatched. It’s the perfect opportunity to stand still and reflect on the wonders of travel.

4. A Boost to Local Industries

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Nothing revitalises local industries, such as the absence of convenient and affordable goods from abroad. High tariffs on imports? More like high time to enjoy British-made everything!

5. Strengthened National Identity

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Nothing says “unity” like a good old divisive referendum. Brexit really brought people together—to argue.

6. Enhanced Global Image

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The world now sees the UK as a bastion of decisive action—decisively unsure whether the decision was right, that is.

7. Improved Fishing Rights Conversations

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We now have endless conversations about fishing rights, which is obviously why most people voted. Who doesn’t want to discuss territorial waters over dinner?

8. The Joy of Red Tape

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With Brexit, we can now enjoy the creation of red tape in technicolour, not just boring EU bureaucracy grey.

9. More Political Drama

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British politics had become too predictable. Brexit added that much-needed spice to parliamentary proceedings, turning every news cycle into a cliffhanger.

10. Economic UPS and Downs

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Who doesn’t love the unpredictability of a post-Brexit economy? It’s like living in a perpetual state of economic suspense.

11. The Rebirth of the British Pound

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Watching the pound fall and rise on the currency markets has been more thrilling than most TV dramas. Economic stability is so overrated.

12. Rediscovering the Commonwealth

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Brexit has allowed us to rekindle relationships with the Commonwealth countries, much like calling up old friends for a favour when times get tough.

13. Increased Popularity for Satire

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The satire industry is booming, thanks to Brexit. Comedians and satirists owe a great debt to this endless source of material.

14. An Excuse for Everything

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Train delays? Brexit. Bad weather? Brexit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

15. Celebrating Isolation

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Who needed European partnerships anyway? On our little island, we can celebrate the joys of splendid isolation.

16. Educational Opportunities

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Brexit has been a learning curve. Who knew what the Customs Union actually was? Or the Single Market? Thanks, Brexit, for the crash course in EU structures!

17. Enhanced Diplomatic Challenges

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Navigating post-Brexit diplomacy is like playing 3D chess with 27 opponents. It’s mentally stimulating if nothing else.

18. Rediscovery of British Holidays

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Why bother with the hassle of travelling to Europe when you can rediscover the unpredictable charm of a British holiday?

19. Increased National Debate

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Brexit has ensured that everyone’s political opinions are now heard, whether at the dinner table, in pubs, or on social media. So much for quiet nights out.

20. A Never-Ending Story

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Just when you think it’s all sorted, there’s another twist. Brexit: the saga that promises to keep on giving for decades to come.

Who Needs Europe Anyway?

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Clearly, Brexit has been a roaring success if success is measured in headaches and satirical punchlines. But don’t worry, we’ve got this—right? After all, who needs easy trade, travel, and tranquillity when you can have sovereignty, queues, and good old British resolve?

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