21 British Comforts Expats Miss the Most

Living abroad can be an exhilarating adventure, but every Brit knows there’s no place like home. Ever wondered what Brits abroad miss the most when they swap their wellies for sandals?

1. Proper Cuppa

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Nothing starts the day quite like a proper British cup of tea. Many expats lament the lack of readily available Yorkshire or PG Tips abroad, leading to hoarded supplies in foreign kitchens.

2. Sunday Roast

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A succulent Sunday roast with all the trimmings isn’t as easy to come by outside the UK. It’s the stuff of dreams on a lazy Sunday abroad.

3. British Humour

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Brits have a unique brand of humour—dry, witty, and often self-deprecating. Expats frequently mention missing the banter that just doesn’t translate elsewhere.

4. The NHS

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Free healthcare at the point of service? The NHS is sorely missed by Brits abroad, especially when faced with hefty medical bills overseas.

5. Pubs and Pub Culture

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There’s nothing quite like a cosy British pub, and the local pub scene is a sorely missed hub of community and camaraderie for Brits living abroad.

6. British Weather

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Yes, really—some expats miss the predictably unpredictable British weather, with its lack of extremes compared to more volatile climates.

7. High Street Shops

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From Marks & Spencer to Boots, the familiarity and convenience of British high street shops are a common yearning for those living overseas.

8. BBC and British TV

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The BBC, with its lack of adverts and quality programming, is a beacon of British culture that expats find hard to replace with foreign TV channels.

9. Crisps and Snacks

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The distinct flavours of British crisps—think prawn cocktail and salt & vinegar—are often mentioned as some of the most missed snacks.

10. British Sarcasm

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Sarcasm is practically a second language in the UK. Expats often find that their sarcastic comments are taken literally abroad, leading to some awkward exchanges.

11. Marmite

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You either love it or hate it, but either way, it’s hard to find abroad. Marmite is a taste of home that many Brits crave.

12. Proper Pies

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The hearty, filling nature of a good British pie is unmatched around the world. Expats crave the comfort of steak and kidney or chicken and mushroom pies.

13. Real Ale

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The craft of British real ale brewing is unmatched. Many expats miss the pleasure of a pint pulled from a cask at their local.

14. Queuing Etiquette

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The British knack for orderly queuing is often not replicated in other cultures, much to the dismay of the orderly Brit abroad.

15. Football Culture

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Saturday football isn’t just about the game; it’s about the atmosphere, the community and, of course, the post-match analysis over a pint.

16. British Newspapers

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The familiarity of flicking through a ‘Telegraph’, ‘Guardian’, or ‘Times’ with a morning coffee is a distinctly British ritual that expats miss.

17. Traditional Festivals

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From Bonfire Night to May Day, traditional British festivals hold a nostalgic charm that isn’t easily replicated abroad.

18. Fish and Chips

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Nothing quite compares to fish and chips by the seaside. It’s a dish that expats find hard to replicate to the same comforting standard abroad.

19. Cream Teas

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The ceremony of a cream tea, with scones, clotted cream, and jam, is a cherished tradition missed by many Brits overseas.

20. Red Post Boxes

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It’s not just what’s inside them—it’s the iconic red post boxes themselves that represent a piece of quintessentially British scenery missed by expats.

21. Irony and Wit

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The British mastery of irony and wit doesn’t always travel well, but it’s deeply missed by those who appreciate its subtlety and charm.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

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So there you have it, a slice of Blighty that tugs at the heartstrings of every expat. Whether it’s the comforting taste of tea or the sarcastic quip of a compatriot, it’s clear that while you can take a Brit out of Britain, you can’t take Britain out of a Brit.

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