19 Broken Brexit Promises That Shattered Public Trust

Remember when Brexit was sold as a straightforward, win-win situation? As it turns out, the road to Brexit was paved with not-so-good intentions and a fair share of outright fibs. The campaign was a masterclass in misinformation, selling Britons a basket of more fictional promises than a Sunday night drama. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, how many of these myths have you spotted unravelling at the seams?

1. £350 Million a Week to the NHS

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The famous bus promise—£350 million a week for the NHS. In reality, that money, much like our European friendships, seems to have evaporated. Instead, we’ve spent billions on Brexit preparations, making that bus more of a phantom coach driven by ghosts of promises past.

2. Easy Trade Deals

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Quick and easy trade deals were promised as soon as we left. Fast forward, and those deals are either underwhelming or still under negotiation. It seems ‘quick and easy’ was code for ‘slow and frustrating.’

3. The Irish Border Issue

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“It’ll be fine,” they said. “No hard border,” they promised. Fast forward to customs checks and protocol disputes—turns out, geopolitics is a bit more complicated than a slogan on a leaflet.

4. Turkey Joining the EU

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The fear-mongering about Turkey joining the EU soon and flooding the UK with migrants turned out to be baseless. Not only is Turkey no closer to joining the EU, but the discussion is off the table entirely. This was scaremongering on steroids with a geopolitical twist.

5. No Downside to Brexit

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Remember hearing there would be no downside to Brexit, only a “considerable upside”? The economy begs to differ, having been considerably downsized instead. The only upside seems to be in the increase in bureaucracy and export challenges.

6. Maintaining the Status Quo with the EU

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Some thought we could maintain all the benefits of EU membership while blocking all the drawbacks. Reality check: you can’t have your cake and eat it, especially if it’s stuck at customs awaiting import clearance.

7. Immediate Economic Benefits

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The immediate economic benefits of Brexit are still missing, much like the logic in the original campaign. The pound slumped, investment cooled, and the financial forecast is as stable as a three-legged chair.

8. Boost for Fishermen

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British fishermen were supposed to thrive post-Brexit. Instead, they’re drowning in red tape and lost European markets. It appears ‘sovereignty’ over waters doesn’t equate to selling fish freely.

9. Strengthened Union of the UK

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Brexit was supposed to strengthen the UK’s union. Instead, Scotland is eyeing independence more keenly, and Northern Ireland is navigating a sea of protocol issues. So much for unity!

10. Sunlit Uplands

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The promise of “sunlit uplands” feels more like stumbling in the dark. Economic forecasts are grim, and the political landscape is as stormy as ever. Those uplands now seem more like a mirage, visible only to the most optimistic or deluded.

11. More Jobs for Brits

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“We’ll see a surge in jobs for Brits,” they claimed. Yet, with sectors from farming to healthcare struggling without their EU workforce, the job market is as shaky as ever. Seems like we might need more than just British grit to fill these gaps.

12. NHS Staffing Levels

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Brexit was argued to help control NHS staffing. Instead, we’re grappling with shortages as EU nationals leave the healthcare sector. Another case of ‘be careful what you wish for.’

13. Protecting British Culture

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Protecting British culture from the EU’s influence sounded grand. But what was under threat? It turns out the cultural exchange was more beneficial, and now it’s restricted. Who knew opera and cheese were so offensive?

14. Freedom to Make Our Laws

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Free from the shackles of EU law, we could finally make our own decisions—except now we spend half our time trying to align new laws with those we just escaped, to keep trade flowing. Irony much?

15. Reducing Red Tape

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Cutting down on red tape was a headline act. In an unexpected plot twist, businesses now navigate more paperwork than ever before to trade with the EU. Turns out, red tape breeds faster than rabbits.

16. Sovereignty Equals Power

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Reclaiming sovereignty was meant to restore Britain’s control over its fate. Instead, it’s shown just how interconnected and dependent we are on our neighbours. Isolation might be sovereignty, but it’s lonely at the top—or in this case, out on a limb.

17. Enhancing Security

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Leaving the EU was supposed to enhance our security. Yet, we find ourselves excluded from real-time security alerts and databases. It’s like choosing to leave the neighbourhood watch because you don’t like the coordinator.

18. No Impact on Expats

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The millions of Brits living in the EU wouldn’t be affected, they said. Now, many face residency issues, healthcare headaches, and a mountain of bureaucracy. Paradise lost, indeed.

19. Food Prices Would Remain Stable

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Finally, food prices were supposed to remain stable. Instead, we’re navigating increased costs and occasional shortages. Brexit diet, anyone?

The Brexit Hall of Mirrors

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So, as we wander through the Brexit hall of mirrors, every misshapen reflection reveals another distorted truth. Was it all worth it? As we stumble from one mishap to another, it’s becoming increasingly hard to see the exit—quite literally. Who’s ready to navigate this labyrinth for another decade?

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