18 Countries Putting Up “Closed to British Tourists” Signs

British tourists are known for their high spirits and adventurous nature, but not all countries appreciate their presence. Here’s a candid look at 18 countries where British tourists might not be as welcome as they think.

1. Spain

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Spain is fed up with drunken antics and noise complaints from British tourists, especially in hotspots like Magaluf. Local authorities have implemented stricter regulations and fines to curb bad behaviour.

2. France

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Brexit has complicated travel, requiring Brits to endure long queues and additional paperwork. The infamous “Brits abroad” behaviour, combined with disdain for post-Brexit travel chaos, hasn’t helped Franco-British relations.

3. Greece

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Greek islands like Zante and Mykonos are tired of the mess left behind by British partygoers. Reports of vandalism and public disturbances have led to a crackdown on unruly tourists.

4. Italy

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Historic cities like Rome and Venice see their cultural sites overrun with tourists, many of whom are loud and disrespectful. Italians are particularly annoyed by Brits who ignore dress codes and local customs.

5. Germany

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Germany’s cultural hubs, such as Berlin, attract young British tourists looking for a good time, often at the expense of local peace and quiet. Noise complaints and public drunkenness have led to increased police presence in tourist areas.

6. Portugal

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British tourists flock to the Algarve, but locals are increasingly frustrated with the rowdiness and lack of respect for local traditions. Portugal’s leniency with post-Brexit travel might be wearing thin due to these ongoing issues.

7. Thailand

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Beaches and nightlife draw many Brits, but their behaviour often clashes with Thailand’s more conservative norms. Incidents of disrespectful behaviour at sacred sites and environmental damage have caused tensions.

8. Netherlands

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Amsterdam’s liberal attitude towards cannabis and red-light districts attracts many British tourists, but their rowdy behaviour and disregard for local laws are unwelcome. The city has even considered banning tourists from cannabis cafes.

9. Turkey

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Resorts in Turkey are popular with Brits, but complaints about noise, drunkenness, and disrespect for local culture are common. The Turkish tourism industry has started to push for more responsible behaviour from visitors.

10. Cyprus

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While Cyprus relies heavily on tourism, the behaviour of some British tourists has led to strained relations. The excessive partying in areas like Ayia Napa has led to stricter law enforcement.

11. Egypt

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Historical sites in Egypt attract many visitors, but Brits are often criticised for their lack of respect for ancient monuments. Combined with security concerns, this has made British tourists less popular.

12. Croatia

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The rise in tourism in cities like Dubrovnik has seen locals become increasingly frustrated with the behaviour of some British visitors. Issues include overcrowding and damage to UNESCO sites.

13. Malta

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Small but densely packed with tourists, Malta sees its share of British visitors. Loud, drunken behaviour and lack of respect for historical sites have led to a growing resentment among locals.

14. Australia

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Australians generally like Brits, but the “Pommie” tourists can sometimes wear out their welcome with their loud and boisterous behaviour. The long-haul flights don’t seem to mellow them out.

15. UAE

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Dubai and Abu Dhabi attract many British tourists, but the clash between Western behaviour and local laws can cause friction. Public displays of drunkenness and inappropriate attire have led to legal troubles for some.

16. Japan

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Known for its politeness, Japan finds the loud and sometimes brash behaviour of British tourists to be jarring. Misunderstandings of cultural norms often lead to awkward and sometimes offensive situations.

17. USA

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American cities like New York and Las Vegas attract many British tourists, but their reputation for binge drinking and rowdiness can sometimes lead to negative stereotypes.

18. Ireland

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Even the friendly Irish have their limits when it comes to British tourists. St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin can become particularly chaotic with the influx of Brits looking to join the celebrations, often leading to public disturbances.

Navigating the Backlash

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The relationship between British tourists and their favourite destinations is complex and often strained. Post-Brexit complications and a reputation for rowdy behaviour haven’t helped, leading many countries to push back against the flood of British holidaymakers. As travel resumes in a post-pandemic world, will British tourists mend their ways, or continue to rub their hosts the wrong way?

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