22 Cringeworthy Moments From the Royal Family

The Royal Family may be revered by many, but they’re far from infallible. Here are 22 times the royals have left us cringing.

1. Prince Philip’s Racist Remarks

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was notorious for his politically incorrect and often racist comments. His infamous gaffe in China, where he told British students they’d get “slitty eyes” if they stayed too long, remains one of the most shocking.

2. Prince Andrew’s ‘Sweat Gate’

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In a disastrous BBC interview, Prince Andrew claimed he couldn’t sweat due to a medical condition, attempting to refute allegations of sexual misconduct. The bizarre defence was widely mocked and only deepened his PR nightmare.

3. Prince Harry’s Nazi Costume

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In 2005, Prince Harry sparked outrage by wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party. The insensitive choice led to widespread condemnation and forced an apology from the young prince.

4. Sarah Ferguson’s Bribery Scandal

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Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was caught in a tabloid sting operation, offering access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, for £500,000. The scandal severely damaged her already shaky reputation.

5. Prince Charles’s ‘Tampongate’

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A leaked intimate conversation between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles revealed Charles’s wish to be Camilla’s tampon. The bizarre and cringe-worthy exchange shocked the public and embarrassed the royal couple.

6. Meghan Markle’s Letter to Her Father

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Meghan Markle’s private letter to her estranged father was published by the Mail on Sunday, sparking a legal battle. The personal drama played out publicly, revealing deep rifts within her family.

7. Prince Philip’s Car Crash

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At 97, Prince Philip flipped his Land Rover in a crash near Sandringham, injuring two women. The incident raised questions about the elderly duke’s fitness to drive and his disregard for public safety.

8. The ‘Squidgygate’ Tapes

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Leaked phone conversations between Princess Diana and her friend James Gilbey revealed intimate and embarrassing details, including him calling her ‘Squidgy’. The scandal further damaged the monarchy’s image during the 1990s.

9. Prince Andrew’s Connections to Jeffrey Epstein

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Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been a persistent blight on his reputation. His failure to distance himself from Epstein and lack of empathy for the victims has been widely criticised.

10. Princess Michael’s Racist Brooch

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Princess Michael of Kent wore a racist Blackamoor brooch to a Christmas lunch attended by Meghan Markle, sparking outrage and accusations of insensitivity and racism.

11. Prince Harry’s ‘Tell-All’ Memoir

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Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare’, aired dirty laundry and revealed private family matters, causing a significant rift between him and the rest of the Royal Family.

12. King Charles’s ‘Black Spider Memos’

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Before ascending the throne, Charles’s letters to government ministers, known as the ‘Black Spider Memos’ due to his scrawled handwriting, revealed his attempts to influence political matters, breaching the expected neutrality of the royals.

13. Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos

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Topless photos of Kate Middleton taken during a private holiday were published by a French magazine, causing a scandal and legal action from the royals. The invasion of privacy was deeply embarrassing for the duchess.

14. Prince Edward’s Failed Business Ventures

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Prince Edward’s production company, Ardent, was a financial disaster, leading to public scrutiny over his business acumen and the appropriate use of his royal status.

15. Prince Philip’s Aboriginal Insult

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During a 2002 visit to Australia, Prince Philip asked an Aboriginal leader, “Do you still throw spears at each other?” The comment was seen as deeply disrespectful and out of touch.

16. Princess Margaret’s Affairs

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Princess Margaret’s numerous affairs, particularly her romance with a much younger man, Roddy Llewellyn, caused scandal and embarrassment for the Royal Family.

17. Prince Harry’s Stripping Incident

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Prince Harry was photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, engaged in a game of strip billiards. The leaked photos were a major embarrassment for the young royal.

18. Prince Charles’s Green Activism

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While environmental activism is now more accepted, Prince Charles’s early and vocal support for organic farming and criticism of GM crops were seen as eccentric and meddlesome.

19. Prince Andrew’s Gun Incident

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Prince Andrew caused a security scare by walking around Buckingham Palace gardens with a shotgun, prompting armed police to confront him. The incident raised serious questions about royal security protocols.

20. The Royal Train Expense

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Prince Charles was heavily criticised for using the Royal Train for a 70-mile trip costing taxpayers £20,000, highlighting the excessive spending of the royals during a cost-of-living crisis.

21. The Andrew Morton Book

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Princess Diana’s cooperation with Andrew Morton for his explosive book ‘Diana: Her True Story’ revealed intimate and damaging details about her marriage and life within the royal household, shocking the nation.

22. The Oprah Interview

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey revealed shocking accusations of racism and neglect within the Royal Family. The interview created a media storm and deepened the divide within the family.

When Royals Get It Wrong

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These blunders highlight that even royalty isn’t immune to poor judgement and scandalous behaviour. As the monarchy continues to evolve, these moments serve as stark reminders of their very human flaws.

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