21 Times Right-Wing Politics Crossed the Line in the UK

The right-wing political landscape in the UK has seen its fair share of controversies and extreme actions. Are these instances evidence of a movement losing touch with reality?

1. Prorogation of Parliament

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Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament in 2019 was seen as an attempt to stifle debate on Brexit. This move was deemed unlawful by the Supreme Court, highlighting a significant overreach of executive power.

2. The Rwanda Deportation Plan

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Priti Patel’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing was heavily criticised as inhumane and impractical. The policy faced legal challenges and widespread condemnation from human rights organisations.

3. COVID-19 Lockdown Parties

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Numerous lockdown parties at Downing Street, known as “Partygate,” occurred while the country was under strict COVID-19 restrictions. The scandal eroded public trust and highlighted a blatant disregard for the rules imposed on everyone else.

4. Windrush Scandal

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The Windrush scandal, involving the wrongful detention and deportation of UK citizens, exposed severe flaws in the Home Office’s handling of immigration. This incident led to widespread criticism and calls for systemic reform.

5. “Culture War” Tactics

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The Conservative Party has been accused of fuelling culture wars, such as criticising National Trust’s focus on colonial history. These actions have been seen as divisive and a distraction from more pressing issues.

6. Cuts to Universal Credit

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The decision to cut the £20 weekly uplift in Universal Credit during a cost-of-living crisis was met with outrage. Critics argued that the cuts would push more people into poverty.

7. Policing Bill Crackdown

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The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill was criticised for undermining the right to protest. The bill gave police increased powers to crack down on demonstrations, sparking significant public backlash.

8. Failure on Climate Commitments

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The UK government’s insufficient action on climate change has been a point of contention. Despite pledges, there has been a lack of concrete measures to meet environmental targets, drawing ire from activists and experts alike.

9. Attacks on the BBC

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The Conservative government’s frequent attacks on the BBC have been seen as attempts to undermine the independence of the public broadcaster. This has raised concerns about press freedom and governmental overreach.

10. Housing Crisis Ignored

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Despite a growing housing crisis, the government’s policies have been criticised for failing to address the lack of affordable housing. Critics argue that measures taken have benefited developers more than the public.

11. Austerity Measures

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Years of austerity policies under Conservative rule have been blamed for weakening public services and increasing inequality. The impact on the NHS, education, and local councils has been profound and long-lasting.

12. Hostile Environment Policy

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The “hostile environment” policy aimed at reducing illegal immigration has been widely condemned for its harsh impact on migrants and ethnic minorities. This policy has been linked to numerous cases of mistreatment and injustice.

13. Lack of Support for NHS Staff

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During the pandemic, the government faced criticism for failing to provide adequate PPE and support for NHS staff. The situation exposed significant vulnerabilities in the healthcare system.

14. Controversial Appointments

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The appointment of controversial figures to key positions, such as Dominic Cummings as chief adviser, has sparked debates about cronyism and competence in government.

15. Brexit Mismanagement

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The handling of Brexit, including negotiations and the final deal, has been heavily criticised for economic and political disruptions. The lack of clear strategy and preparation has led to ongoing issues.

16. Anti-Traveller Legislation

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New laws targeting Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities have been condemned as discriminatory. These measures have been seen as infringing on the rights and lifestyles of these communities.

17. Failure to Address Racism

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The government’s handling of racial equality, including the controversial Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report, has been criticised for downplaying institutional racism and ignoring lived experiences of minorities.

18. Anti-Trans Rhetoric

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Prominent Conservative figures have been accused of using anti-trans rhetoric, contributing to a hostile environment for transgender individuals. This has sparked significant backlash from LGBTQ+ organisations.

19. Dismissing Food Insecurity

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Comments by Tory MPs downplaying food insecurity, such as suggesting families should budget better, have been met with widespread criticism. These remarks have been seen as out of touch with the realities of poverty.

20. Judicial Review Reforms

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Proposed reforms to limit judicial reviews have been criticised for undermining the rule of law. These changes are viewed as attempts to reduce checks on governmental power.

21. Ignoring Grenfell Survivors

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The slow and inadequate response to the needs of Grenfell Tower fire survivors has drawn severe criticism. Many feel the government has failed to deliver justice and support for the victims.

Right Off the Deep End

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From lockdown parties to hostile policies, these actions reveal a worrying trend. Are these measures signs of a party out of touch, or simply the new normal in UK politics?

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