Carry On: 20 Daily Annoyances Brits Just Rolled Over and Accepted

In true British fashion, there are certain things we’ve just shrugged our shoulders at and carried on with our tea. From political scandals to everyday annoyances, here are 20 things we’ve just rolled over and accepted.

1. Potholes Everywhere

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Our roads are more pothole than tarmac, but we just accept the bumpy rides and occasional car repairs as part of life.

2. PartyGate

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Political leaders partying during lockdown? We had a brief uproar, but ultimately, it’s just another chapter in the saga of Westminster antics.

3. David Cameron’s Return

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Like an old soap opera character, David Cameron keeps popping back into the public eye. We’ve sighed collectively but carried on.

4. Train Delays

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Trains in the UK are late more often than not. We moan about it, but we’re always back at the station the next day.

5. The BBC Licence Fee

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Paying for TV that still has adverts? We grumble but keep paying, because the alternative seems worse.

6. Rising Energy Bills

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Energy prices keep climbing, but we just add another layer of clothing and complain about it over social media.

7. The Weather

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Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry – we never stop complaining about the weather, but we never expect it to change either.

8. NHS Waiting Times

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Waiting weeks for an appointment or hours in A&E? It’s frustrating, but we cherish the NHS too much to make a real fuss.

9. London House Prices

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Astronomical house prices in the capital are a given. We’ve just accepted that owning a home in London is a distant dream for most.

10. Royal Scandals

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From Prince Andrew’s controversies to Harry and Meghan’s dramas, we eat it up like a soap opera, then return to our daily lives.

11. Brexit Fallout

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The mess that Brexit has left behind is staggering, but we just keep muddling through, hoping for some semblance of normality.

12. Supermarket Shortages

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Empty shelves are more common now, but we’ve just adjusted our shopping habits and moved on.

13. Poor Broadband In Rural Areas

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Living in the countryside? Good luck streaming Netflix. We grumble about it, but no one seems in a hurry to fix it.

14. Football Disappointments

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Every tournament we say, “This year is our year,” only to be let down. Yet, we keep believing.

15. Strikes

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Whether it’s trains, teachers, or nurses, strikes are a regular occurrence. We adapt and carry on, knowing it’s part of the landscape.

16. Politicians’ Empty Promises

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We’ve grown used to manifestos being more fiction than fact. Cynicism is our default setting.

17. Council Tax Hikes

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Each year, we pay more for seemingly less. We grumble, but the payments keep going out.

18. Reality TV

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Love it or hate it, shows like Love Island dominate our screens and conversations. We accept them as a guilty pleasure.

19. Pub Closures

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Local pubs are closing at an alarming rate, but we’ve become resigned to losing these community hubs.

20. Expensive Public Transport

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We pay through the nose for trains and buses that rarely run on time, but driving isn’t much better, so we stick with it.

A Nation of Acceptance

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Whether it’s political scandals or everyday inconveniences, we Brits have a remarkable ability to just roll over and accept the quirks of our nation. It’s a mix of resilience and resignation that keeps us going, one cup of tea at a time.

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