15 Date Night Ideas That Are Easy on the Wallet

Date nights don’t have to be expensive to be fun and memorable. It’s easy to stick to a budget while keeping your partner happy at the same time. Candle-lit dinners and the yacht life are fabulous, but sometimes, the more uncomplicated dates can be unique and memorable, too.

1. Bookstore Dates

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This idea works best if you’re dating a bookworm. Picking out a book together and reading it makes a great bonding activity. You’ll talk about your books and get to know your partner a little bit better.

2. Visit a Museum

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Museums typically have a small entry fee, but there are many free ones you can explore as well. It’s a great way to stimulate your brain and get educated while spending time with your partner. Some museums close late, so you’ll surely have a nice evening together.

3. Game Night

board games
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There are so many game night ideas out there. You can whip out the old board games collecting dust in your closet or pair up another controller and load a two-player video game on your gaming console. Either way, a little competition amongst yourselves could bond you even more to each other.

4. Go to Trivia Night

trivia night
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Many bars and cafes have a weekly trivia night, so find one that interests you and perhaps even win a game. Team up against other couples to test your teamwork and how well you work together. Trivia nights don’t cost much; it’s usually just the price of a drink or a meal while you’re there.

5. Volunteer Together

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Volunteering together makes for a great date. You get to do something you enjoy, give back to the community, and spend time with someone you love. Plus, you can find a cause you’re both passionate about while at it. There is nothing hotter than seeing your partner help out others.

6. Art Gallery Hopping

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Like the museum dates, you can visit art galleries for a stimulating date with your partner. Entrance fees are often minimal or free, but looking at and discussing art can help you understand each other’s perspectives further.

7. Cooking Together

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Everyone belongs in the kitchen, so get in and have fun! Cook your favourite dishes for each other or bake some cookies. Either way, you’ll taste each other’s cooking and perhaps learn more about each other while at it.

8. Blanket Fort Movie Night

Blanket Fort Movie Night
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A blanket fort and a movie night are the perfect date night combination. Making the blanket fort and getting creative with each other is already a great way to spend an evening. Relaxing amidst the blankets and soft pillows while watching a funny or romantic movie adds to the moment.

9. Sing Karaoke

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Destressing with each other while singing karaoke is one of the best date night ideas you can experience with each other. You can either head to a karaoke bar or sing your lungs out at home with the background music and lyrics playing on YouTube.

10. Stargaze Together

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Stargazing is a great date night idea that costs nothing. All you need is a window or a spot to lie down while looking at the sky. You can bring a blanket for comfort and try to map out constellations with your date. Either that, or you can stare at the stars while talking the night away. Any snacks or drinks are welcome, but you don’t need them.

11. Watch the Sunrise

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Catching the sunrise can be a fun and exhilarating experience. You could be talking all night while you wait or drive down to the beach or a viewpoint to watch the sun come up. The sunrise is always magical to experience, with or without a date.

12. Listen to Music Together

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Sharing your favourite songs or albums is a great way to get to know someone. You can talk about your favourite musicians and any memories of your favourite songs. Listen to each other’s favourites, and see if you have any in common.

13. Grocery Shop Date

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Going shopping for necessities and groceries is more fun than you think. If you’re busy or don’t have much time to spend together, grocery shopping could be a fun experience. You can pick out some snacks or set a challenge for each other while you’re there, plus you get to cross a task off your to-do list.

14. Backyard Camping

Couple Backyard Camping
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Budget camping in your backyard or living room doesn’t sound too bad! It’s free, and you can use your imagination. Set up your tent, make some s’ mores, and share scary stories from your life. You get the camping experience without the bugs and dangerous wild animals.

15. Open Mic Night

open mic night
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Laughing is a great bonding activity, so why not head over to your local bar with an open mic night? You’ll get to explore budding comedians and connect with your partner. You can even talk about the jokes or your favourite bits later on.

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