19 Dating Behaviours That Turn Everyone Off, No Matter Who You Are

When it comes to dating, certain behaviours can turn off just about anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality. Ever wondered what makes people instantly lose interest in a potential partner?

1. Poor Hygiene

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Nothing sends a clearer “stay away” signal than bad hygiene. Whether it’s neglected oral care or unwashed clothes, cleanliness is a universal dating essential.

2. Constant Phone Use

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Being glued to a phone during a date is a massive turn-off. It shows a lack of interest and respect for the person sitting across from you.

3. Bad Manners

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Poor manners are a universal dealbreaker in the dating world, from rude behavior toward service staff to eating with an open mouth.

4. Lack of Punctuality

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Time is precious, and consistently being late shows a lack of consideration for someone else’s schedule. It can be perceived as disrespect or disinterest.

5. Overly Negative Attitude

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Constant negativity can drain the energy out of any potential romance. Everyone seeks a partner who can see the bright side at times.

6. Lack of Listening Skills

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A conversation is a two-way street. Not listening or constantly interrupting is a clear sign of self-absorption.

7. Pushing Boundaries

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Respect for personal boundaries is crucial. Ignoring or pushing these limits is a red flag in any relationship.

8. Over-Sharing Too Soon

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While honesty is vital, dumping deep personal issues on a first date can overwhelm and push potential partners away.

9. Poor Financial Management

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Extravagant spending or complaining about money constantly can make it seem like someone isn’t ready for a stable partnership.

10. Being Inconsiderate

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Small acts of thoughtlessness, like not saying “thank you” or forgetting basic courtesies, can hint at a larger pattern of neglect.

11. Lack of Ambition

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Someone who shows no drive or goals can seem unattractive. Ambition is attractive because it indicates a zest for life and self-improvement.

12. Excessive Jealousy

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Unwarranted jealousy or possessiveness is a major turn-off. Trust and security are the foundations of any healthy relationship.

13. Bad Communication

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Ghosting, vague texts, or failing to communicate openly about feelings and expectations can lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

14. Lack of Shared Interests

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While opposites can attract, having no common ground can make it hard to enjoy time together.

15. Overreliance on Physical Attraction

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Focusing solely on looks and neglecting emotional or intellectual connection is shallow and unsustainable.

16. Being Too Clingy

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Needing constant attention or reassurance can feel suffocating and push potential partners away.

17. Dismissing Others’ Feelings

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Not acknowledging or validating someone’s feelings can make them feel unseen and unimportant.

18. Not Being Yourself

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Pretending to be someone you’re not is a surefire way to build a relationship on shaky ground.

19. Ignoring Shared Values

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Overlooking fundamental differences in values and ethics can lead to significant conflicts down the road.

An Ick Is an Ick

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Dating is about more than just attraction; it’s about mutual respect, shared values, and genuine connection. By avoiding these common icks, you can foster healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Remember, it’s about finding someone who complements you, respects you, and is willing to grow with you.

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