Cracking the Code – Deciphering 20 Gen Z Phrases

Navigating the linguistic labyrinth of British youth can be akin to deciphering an ancient code. Fear not! Here’s your cheeky cheat sheet to blend in, or at least not stick out like a sore thumb, among the UK’s trendiest.

#1. “Peng”

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Definition: A term of high praise for attractiveness, be it food, people, or that new pair of trainers.

“That pizza is absolutely peng.”

#2. “Lit”

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Definition: Not what happens when you light a candle, but how you describe a particularly lively party or event. 

“Last night was lit!”

#3. “Mans Not Hot” 

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Definition: A phrase that transcends temperature, originating from a viral rap parody. It’s used to denote unflappability in the face of pressure.

“Take off your jacket? Nah, man’s not hot.”

#4. “Fam”

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Definition: No, not your immediate relatives, but close friends or people you respect. 

“How’s it going, fam?”

#5. “Sick”

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Definition: Oddly enough, this means amazing or cool. The sicker, the better. Not to be confused with actual illness.

“Whoa, that skate move was sick!”

#6. “Snacc”

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Definition: When someone looks so good you could, in a non-literal sense, eat them up. 

“Did you see Alex today? A total snacc.”

#7. “Salty”

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Definition: Not the taste, but the state of being upset or bitter, usually over something minor. 

“Why you so salty about him borrowing your pen?”

#8. “Ghosting”

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Definition: Disappearing from a conversation or relationship without notice. A modern phenomenon with a spooky twist.

“I thought we were getting along, but then he totally ghosted me.”

#9. “Flex”

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Definition: To show off. Whether it’s muscles, a new phone, or an A in maths, it’s all about the flex. 

“Stop flexing your new watch, we get it.”

#10 “Gassed” 

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Definition: Extremely happy or excited about something. Not to be confused with needing ventilation.

#11. “Savage” 

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Definition: Brutally honest or downright ruthless. A compliment if you’re on the giving end, less so if you’re receiving.

#12. “Lowkey” 

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Definition: Something you’re subtly enthusiastic about. 

“I’m lowkey obsessed with this new show.”

#13. “Highkey” 

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Definition: The opposite of lowkey. When you’re very openly passionate about something. 

“I highkey love this song.”

#14. “Dead”

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Definition: Boring or uninteresting. 

“That party was dead, so we left.”

#15. “Shook” 

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Definition: Shocked or surprised to the core. “I was shook when I found out.”

#16. “Extra” 

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Definition: Over the top or trying too hard. 

“He brought a suitcase for a weekend trip. So extra.”

#17. “Thirsty” 

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Definition: Desperate, usually for attention or approval. 

“Liking all their photos? Don’t be thirsty.”

#18. “Fire” 

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Definition: Another word for hot or trendy. 

“These new beats are fire.”

#19. “Glow up” 

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Definition: A transformation from duckling to swan. A before and after, but make it fashionable. 

“Have you seen him since school? Total glow up.”

#20. “Yeet” 

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Definition: A versatile word for throwing something with vigour or expressing excitement. 

“Yeet that paper into the bin!”

Go Forth and Eye Roll

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Now, armed with this guide, you can venture forth into the world of British youth slang. Use your newfound knowledge wisely, and perhaps, just perhaps, you won’t get that all-too-familiar eye roll when you try to engage in conversation. 

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