12 Disgusting Things That Will Make You Want to End a Relationship

Love is an amazing, beautiful thing — until someone does something so disgustingly gross that it makes you want to end the relationship altogether. Sure, everyone has a different sense of humor and different “gross-out” barriers, but some things are just SO disgusting they almost have a universal agreement as being too much.

If you’re in a relationship and wonder where you should draw the line (or if your current significant other may have crossed it), check out this list of the 12 most disgusting things that, according to Reddit, will make anyone run for the hills!

#1. Black Mold on Toothbrush – 20.4K Votes

Violets-4-Roses gave the highest upvoted contribution. They said, “I went away with my ex and saw his toothbrush for the first time. 

It had black mold growing on it and the bristles were so flat the toothbrush had a middle parting..told him to get a new toothbrush but when I stayed at his house two weeks later the cursed toothbrush was still there…so I ended it.”

Pinkorchidblossoms replied to ask, “basic toothbrushes are so cheap why would anyone keep one long enough to grow mold on it. how long do you have to keep one before it grows mold?”

#2. Vomit Inducing Bad Breath – 15.3K Votes

The second most upvoted response was Redditor, Masstransience’s. They said, “Her breath was so bad I couldn’t make out with her. All I could think of was “don’t vomit, don’t vomit.”

Daxxon added, “This one I went through. I later came to find out after I broke it off that she hadn’t been to a dentist in YEARS! She was too afraid. And when she finally mustered the courage to go she had 3 rotting back teeth that had to be pulled.”

#3. Hated Mint – 14.5K Votes

Mangomancum responded with a story about an ex and their aversion to mint. They said, “Dated a guy who said even the smell of mint would make him gag. Mint anything, icecream, gum… toothpaste… So yeah, he didn’t brush his teeth.

Wouldn’t hear a bar of it when I said there were non-mint toothpastes on the market. I realized after over 6 months together that he was just generally unhygienic and had a specific hang-up about brushing his teeth.”

#4. Insisted No Condom – 12.5K Votes

“When she was so insistent about not using a condom during sex, and when we were just going about our daily lives, she would constantly talk about how much she’s always wanted kids all for herself.

We were 18 at the time. I left her in the dust so quick.”

#5. Ominous Sign – 12.3K Votes

Party_Wolverine_3185 remembered that they “Took an old gf to a Superbowl party with my family. We leave, she asks me if I’ve ever messed around with my niece. Ghosted her quickly…”

#6. Abandoned Her Two Cats – 11.3K Votes

Wallabyfan76 told the story about a time they dated a girl, “She seemed nice, and she had two small cats. 

One weekend I went to visit her and the cats weren’t there, I asked her where they were she told me they had gotten annoying and so she put them in the car and drove to an abandoned bush area and left them. 

I faked an emergency at home (we lived about a 2 hour drive apart) left and broke up with her when I got home.”

#7. Too Needy – 8.1K Votes

Mybathroomisblue gave their reason for cutting the relationship. They said, “Crying if I didn’t have sex with him.

Needing to be touching me constantly and eventually threatening to kill himself when I tried to break up with him. The guy texted and called for about 5 years afterwards – we dated for like 2 months.”

#8. Flakes of Skin on Towel – 6.7K Votes

Redditor, G1ngerbeer responded by saying, “I showered at his place after staying over, and I asked for a towel. He gave me one which had literal skin flakes on.

He did not realise that you need to wash towels because ‘they just have water on them so they clean themselves.'”

#9. Too Much Social Media – 5.9k Votes

Redditor, DM_ME_UR_AREOLAS said, “The obsession with social media. It was uncomfortable until I couldn’t stand it anymore, way too different views on life and priorities.”

#10. Creepy Skype Calls – 4.3k Votes

Redditor, Stormy_Sol contributed, “He convinced me to stay on Skype while I was sleeping. And he’d literally talk to me if I moved an inch thinking I was waking up.

What finally got me to stop was when I caught him saying to me in my sleepy daze was that if he was next to me irl, he’d stick his **** in me, while I’m sleeping, and put much emphasis into doing so without my consent. I finally got the courage to ghost him after hearing that.”

#11. On Trial For Manslaughter – 2.4k Votes

Poor_decision offered, “He was on trial for manslaughter and I didn’t know until he was found guilty. He kept trying to call me from jail.”

#12. Threatened Violence – 2.3k Votes

Dailycyberiad recalled, “He had berated me for something silly and he was still angry. When we got home, he wanted sex, I wanted to read. He pressured me, I still said no. He got angry and raised his fist to hit me. I just looked at him. He lowered his fist. I left. I haven’t seen him since. It’s been a decade.”

Redditors have described reasons for cutting a relationship from the gross to major red flags. Have you ever had to end a relationship because you’ve seen things that defy common decency?

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