18 Dreamy Date Ideas for British Couples With Big Aspirations

Ever dreamt of sweeping your significant other off their feet with an extravagant gesture of love, only to remember you’re more likely to sweep the floor than charter a private jet? Well, if you had all the money in the world, here are 18 ludicrously romantic and utterly unattainable date ideas to fuel your fantasies.

18. Dine Underwater in the Maldives

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Because why settle for a beach dinner when you can eat 20 feet below sea level, surrounded by fish judging your table manners? It’s the ultimate dinner with a view—if you don’t mind the commute.

17. Hot Air Balloon Over Cappadocia, Turkey

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Float above ancient volcanic landscapes at sunrise, proving love really is in the air. Just ignore the small fact that it’s also filled with a couple of dozen other balloons.

16. Northern Lights in Lapland, Finland

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Cuddle under the aurora borealis, where the freezing temperatures ensure your date clings to you for warmth—or survival.

15. Lock Love Padlocks in Paris

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Because nothing says eternal love like a padlock on a bridge, right? Just overlook the city’s plea to stop because it’s actually damaging the infrastructure.

14. Sleep in a Glass Igloo in Finland

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Watch the northern lights from your bed because stepping outside in minus temperatures isn’t for everyone. It’s like camping if camping costs as much as a small car.

13. Private Island in the Caribbean

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Nothing screams “I love you,” like buying an island for a weekend. It’s the thought that counts; clearly, you’re thinking, “I have too much money.”

12. Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

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Because nothing’s more romantic than navigating through tourist-clogged canals, trying to ignore the gondolier’s hefty price for serenading you.

11. Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Learn to tango in the city that birthed it. It’s a passionate, fiery experience—much like your arguments over directions back at the hotel.

10. Overnight in a Castle in Ireland

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Why stay in a hotel when you can have a castle? Nothing says love like drafty rooms and the possibility of a ghostly third wheel.

9. Sunrise at Machu Picchu, Peru

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A hike that starts at 4 AM is sure to test your relationship almost as much as deciding where to eat. But hey, it’s the journey, not the destination, right?

8. Wine Tasting in Tuscany, Italy

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Drive through picturesque vineyards, sampling wines until you can’t tell your Chianti from your Merlot. It’s sophisticated day-drinking.

7. Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto, Japan

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Stroll under blooming cherry blossoms, which, like your love, are beautiful but tragically short-lived.

6. Private Jet to a New York Broadway Show

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Fly to NYC for dinner and a show because you’re clearly in that tax bracket. Bonus points for not blinking at the ticket prices.

5. Couples Spa Day in Bali

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Because nothing says romance like simultaneous colonics in a jungle paradise. At least the monkeys are free entertainment.

4. Desert Safari in Dubai

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Ride camels, watch belly dancing, and dine under the stars. It’s an opulent display of affection, marred only by the sand in places sand should never be.

3. Write Your Names on Iceland’s Black Sands

Image Credit: Pexels / Marc-Antoine

Nothing beats declaring your love with a grand gesture of environmental vandalism. Plus, the cold ensures no one can see you shivering.

2. Serenade Under Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy

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Because nothing’s more authentic than reenacting a scene from a play about teenagers who knew each other for three days and died.

1. Zero Gravity Flight

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Express your love in a weightless environment because if you’re going to throw money into the air, you might as well float with it.

A Love Letter to Your Bank Account

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There you have it: 18 romantic adventures so absurdly extravagant that they make a Netflix night look like a grand gesture. Remember, it’s not about the money you spend but the credit limit you pretend to have. So dream big, lovebirds, and may your love soar as high as your imaginary private jet.

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