21 Embarrassing Election Gaffes We Couldn’t Ignore

The road to the 2024 election is proving as rocky as ever, with missteps from all sides. How much will these blunders affect the final vote?

1. Sunak’s Soggy Start

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Rishi Sunak began his campaign drenched outside No. 10, a less than auspicious start that played badly in the press. His Titanic Quarter visit later likened his campaign to a sinking ship, intensifying the mockery.

2. Locked Out at No. 10

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In a telling blunder, Sunak was locked out of Downing Street in front of the Dutch PM, symbolizing perhaps a leadership locked out of its own house.

3. Misdirected Insults

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Tory MP Jonathan Gullis called his Stoke-on-Trent constituents “savages” and “scumbags,” sparking outrage and highlighting a disconnect with the electorate.

4. Suella Braverman’s Misstep

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Suella Braverman caused an uproar after being photographed standing on a guide dog’s tail, necessitating an awkward apology.

5. Raab’s Channel Confusion

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Dominic Raab’s admission of not understanding the importance of the Dover-Calais trade route during Brexit negotiations revealed a significant gap in his knowledge, shocking many.

6. Raab and Feminism

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Dominic Raab faced criticism for his past comments on feminism, where he described feminists as “obnoxious bigots,” continuing to cloud his political persona.

7. The Misunderstood Magna Carta

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Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns mistakenly said the Magna Carta was issued in 2015, not 1215, leading to questions about her grasp on historical facts.

8. Party Confusion by Susan Hall

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Tory mayoral candidate Susan Hall accidentally touted herself as the “Labour mayor” of London, a slip that confused her party affiliation during an important speech.

9. Sunak’s Seatbelt Slip-up

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Sunak was fined for not wearing a seatbelt in a moving vehicle while filming a promotional video, adding to his list of public legal breaches.

10. Labour and Lib Dems Fined

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Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats were fined by the Electoral Commission for violations related to election financing, highlighting issues with transparency within major political parties.

11. Misleading Liberal Democrat Bar Charts

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The Liberal Democrats have been criticized for using misleading bar charts in election materials, which inaccurately represented their electoral position to gain votes.

12. Labour Accuses Lib Dems of Smears

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Labour threatened to report the Liberal Democrats to the police over allegedly false statements made during the Mid-Bedfordshire by-election campaign, pointing to a particularly nasty campaign turn.

13. Raab’s Kabul Commentary

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Dominic Raab’s poorly timed holiday during the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul and his subsequent mishandling of the crisis was heavily criticized, reflecting poorly on his judgment and crisis management.

14. Raab’s Foodbank Comments

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Dominic Raab sparked outrage by suggesting that people using food banks were not languishing in poverty but experiencing a “cashflow problem episodically.”

15. Lib Dems Accused of Election Lies

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The Liberal Democrats were accused by Labour of spreading lies and engaging in dirty campaign tricks during the Mid-Bedfordshire by-election, which included misrepresenting the local candidate’s residency.

16. Sunak’s Jet-Setting Image

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Labour attacked Rishi Sunak’s image as a jet-setting elite, using a photoshopped helicopter image to emphasize his disconnect from the general populace.

17. Tory MP’s Constituent Insults

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A Tory MP’s recorded insults towards his constituents added to the perception of a party disconnected from the people it serves.

18. Labour’s Tactical Voting Issues

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Labour’s strategy to combat the Liberal Democrat tactical voting narrative involved calling out misleading campaign tactics, such as skewed polling data presented in leaflets.

19. Bullying Allegations Against Raab

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Dominic Raab faced multiple allegations of bullying, which tainted his leadership image and contributed to a perception of toxicity within the Tory party ranks.

20. Misrepresentations in Campaign Literature

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Both the Liberal Democrats and Labour accused each other of misrepresentations in their campaign literature, reflecting a bitter fight for votes that often veered into personal attacks.

21. Labour’s Election Financing Issues

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Labour faced fines for failing to report donation details properly, raising questions about their financial management and transparency during the election cycle.

It’s a Gaffe Jungle Out There

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From personal missteps to party-wide scandals, the 2024 election is showcasing a broad spectrum of gaffes. Will they decide the outcome, or will voters look beyond the blunders?

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