Too Much ‘Woke’: 21 Extreme Examples in the UK

The rise of woke culture has seen some truly bizarre and contentious moments in the UK. Is this trend a sign of progress or just political correctness gone mad?

1. Banning Clapping at University Events

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Several universities have replaced clapping with jazz hands to avoid triggering anxiety, leaving many questioning the practicality of such measures.

2. Renaming Christmas Markets

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Some councils have rebranded Christmas markets as “Winter Festivals” to be more inclusive, sparking debates over erasing traditions.

3. Censorship of Classic Literature

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Libraries have moved to remove or censor classic books considered offensive by today’s standards, a move seen by many as historical revisionism.

4. Police Investigate Offensive Tweets

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Individuals have been visited by police for posting tweets deemed offensive, raising concerns about freedom of speech and police priorities.

5. Gender-Neutral Pronouns in Schools

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Schools have implemented mandatory use of gender-neutral pronouns, confusing parents and sparking debates about language in education.

6. Vegan-Friendly Road Signs

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Councils have been criticized for removing traditional leather and wool references from road signs to avoid offending vegans.

7. Cancellation of Historical Figures

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Statues of historical figures have been toppled or removed due to their controversial pasts, causing heated debates about historical context and modern values.

8. Woke Sports Rules

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Sports organisations have faced backlash for altering rules to accommodate trans athletes, sparking debates about fairness in competition.

9. Banning Certain Hairstyles

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Schools and workplaces banning specific hairstyles deemed culturally inappropriate has led to accusations of overreach and cultural policing.

10. Safe Spaces at Comedy Shows

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Comedy clubs implementing safe spaces where no offensive jokes are allowed have led to discussions about the role of satire and humor.

11. Offensive Halloween Costumes Crackdown

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University campuses have issued strict guidelines on Halloween costumes to avoid cultural appropriation, resulting in accusations of overregulation.

12. Gender Neutral Toilets Controversy

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Introduction of gender-neutral toilets in public spaces has met with both support and strong opposition, highlighting deep societal divides.

13. Renaming Schools

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Schools named after historical figures involved in controversial activities have been renamed, leading to debates on the value of historical legacy versus modern values.

14. No More Meat in Public Institutions

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Certain councils have banned meat at official events to promote sustainability, a move criticized as an overreach into personal choices.

15. Trigger Warnings on Classics

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Trigger warnings have been added to classic literature and films in educational settings, which some argue infantilizes students.

16. Job Titles Gone Woke

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Introduction of job titles like “Chief Happiness Officer” and “Empathy Consultant” in companies has been seen as performative rather than substantive change.

17. Banning of Gendered Terms

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Terms like “mother” and “father” have been replaced with “parent” in official documents to be more inclusive, sparking debates on language use.

18. Cancel Culture in Academia

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Professors have been suspended or fired for making controversial statements, raising concerns about academic freedom and open discourse.

19. Eco-Friendly Regulations Overreach

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Regulations mandating eco-friendly practices in personal lives, such as compulsory composting, have been seen as invasive and impractical.

20. Policing Thought

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Initiatives to monitor and regulate “offensive thoughts” have been criticized as Orwellian and against the principle of free thought.

21. Overzealous Censorship on Social Media

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Social media platforms have increasingly censored posts deemed offensive or harmful, leading to debates about free speech and who decides what is offensive.

The Woke Show Must Go On

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From renaming holidays to monitoring thoughts, the reach of woke culture knows no bounds. Are we creating a more inclusive society, or are we simply losing our grip on common sense?

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