21 Astonishing Facts About the Royal Family

The British Royal Family, steeped in tradition and protocol, continues to captivate the public imagination worldwide. Despite the extensive media coverage, there are many lesser-known facts about the royals, especially in the context of the recent changes following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Here are 21 tidbits about the Royal Family under King Charles III’s reign.

1. No Passports Required

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While most royals require a passport, King Charles III, like Queen Elizabeth II before him, does not need one when travelling as a British passport is issued in his name.

2. The Royal Swan Upping

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The monarchy holds the right to claim ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open waters within the UK, a tradition upheld during the annual ‘Swan Upping’ along the River Thames.

3. Christmas Weigh-In Tradition

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A peculiar tradition continues where each royal family member is weighed before and after Christmas dinner, a practice dating back to King Edward VII’s reign, to ensure good health.

4. King Charles III’s Organic Passion

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King Charles III has a well-documented passion for organic farming, operating his own organic brand, Duchy Originals, which advocates for sustainable agriculture.

5. No Monopoly

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The game Monopoly is famously banned from royal residences as it reportedly becomes too competitive among family members.

6. A Private Cash Machine

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Buckingham Palace has its own private cash machine, installed by Coutts, one of Britain’s most prestigious banks, primarily for use by the royal family.

7. The Royal Bat Collection

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Balmoral Castle, one of the royal residences in Scotland, houses a protected colony of bats, which were regularly checked on by Queen Elizabeth II and continue to be protected under the new reign.

8. Prince William’s Air Ambulance Role

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Prince William previously worked as an air ambulance helicopter pilot, a role he took seriously as part of his royal duties while also working in public service.

9. The Three Kings

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Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, three kings are directly in line for the throne: King Charles III, followed by Prince William, and then Prince George.

10. Frog Figurine Collection

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King Charles III has a unique collection of frog figurines, started from gifts given by fans from around the world during his travels.

11. A Royal Winemaker

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The Royal Family owns a vineyard at Windsor Great Park, where they produce their own wine, primarily for use at official events.

12. A Fan of Tupperware

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The late Queen Elizabeth II was reputedly a fan of Tupperware, using it frequently to store leftovers—a habit reflecting her practical approach to household management.

13. Homoeopathic Preferences

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The Royal Family, especially King Charles III, is known for their preference for homoeopathic remedies, often choosing natural cures over conventional medicine.

14. Pseudonyms for Privacy

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Members of the Royal Family use pseudonyms for privacy when attending certain private events or when travelling incognito.

15. Royal Christmas Trees

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The Royal Family traditionally receives a Christmas tree from the Great Park at Windsor for each of their residences, a tradition dating back to Queen Victoria’s reign.

16. Special Tea Recipe

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The royal family has a special way of brewing tea, adhering to strict timings and temperatures to ensure a perfect cup every time.

17. Princes in the Armed Forces

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Both Prince William and Prince Harry served in the British Armed Forces, continuing a long tradition of royal military service.

18. Unique Education

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The young royals, including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, follow a unique educational path tailored to prepare them for future royal duties.

19. Personal Standard Flags

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Senior royals have personal standard flags designed for them, used during official duties and representing their specific roles within the monarchy.

20. Strict Dress Codes

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The Royal Family adheres to strict dress codes for public appearances, with protocols for everything from the length of skirts to the appropriateness of colours for specific events.

21. Environmental Advocacy

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King Charles III is a strong advocate for environmental conservation, a passion he has instilled in his children and incorporated into the royal agenda.

A New Era

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These intriguing facts reveal the depth of tradition and the personal touches that define the modern British Royal Family, showcasing a blend of ancient rites and contemporary passions.

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