Schoolroom Sagas: 20 Funniest ‘Wisdom’ Our Teachers Shared

Remember those pearls of wisdom our teachers used to drop between lessons on long division and the Tudors? As it turns out, not all classroom proclamations were as golden as we were led to believe. Here’s a cheeky look back at some of the classics.

1. “You Won’t Always Have a Calculator in Your Pocket!”

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Oh, how wrong they were! With smartphones in nearly every pocket, not only do we have calculators, but also access to almost all human knowledge. Take that, long multiplication!

2. “You’ll Need to Write in Cursive Once You’re in the Real World.”

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The real world apparently didn’t get the memo. Aside from signing our names, it’s all tapping and typing. When was the last time anyone got a handwritten report?

3. “The Fire Alarm Is Never a Drill.”

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Except for all those times it was. Whether it was a test or someone burning their toast in the staff room, we spent a surprising amount of time shivering in the car park for no apparent reason.

4. “Don’t Crack Your Knuckles; You’ll Get Arthritis.”

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Turns out cracking knuckles is more about annoying others than summoning arthritis. Medical science has debunked this one, so crack on!

5. “You Need to Learn This Because You Won’t Have Access to This Information.”

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Hello, Internet! Now we’re all just a quick Google away from confirming that the capital of Kazakhstan is indeed Nur-Sultan, not Astana (well, they changed it on us!).

6. “Stop Laughing! This Won’t Be Funny When You’re Older.”

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Incorrect. The moments that made us giggle uncontrollably in class are still hilarious, perhaps even more so now that we’re supposedly mature adults.

7. “If You Keep Making That Face, It’ll Stay That Way Forever.”

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Despite our best efforts, nobody’s face ever froze in a particularly embarrassing expression. It turns out our facial muscles are quite resilient.

8. “Pluto Is the Ninth Planet in the Solar System.”

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Poor Pluto got demoted, and all those mnemonics for remembering the planets had to be revised. Not so set in stone, after all.

9. “There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question.”

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While we appreciate the sentiment behind encouraging curiosity, we’ve all heard (or asked) a few questions that challenge this notion.

10. “This Is Going on Your Permanent Record.”

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What permanent record? As it turns out, those notes about talking too much in class didn’t really doom us for life.

11. “You Mustn’t Rely on Technology.”

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Ironically, most of us now have careers that revolve entirely around technology. Good thing we didn’t listen too closely!

12. “Learn Metric, You’ll Never Use Imperial Measurements.”

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Except recipes, road signs, and practically anything involving a pint at the pub still often use imperial. Cheers to mixed measurements!

13. “You’ll Use Algebra Daily.”

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Unless you’re an engineer or a maths teacher, x and y haven’t really been all that relevant. Most of us are just trying to calculate the discount on a pair of shoes.

14. “The Bell Doesn’t Dismiss You; I Do.”

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The bell totally dismissed us. It was the universal signal that the tyranny of the lesson had ended—no matter what the teacher said.

15. “These Are the Best Years of Your Lives.”

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If our best years were full of awkward puberty and exam stress, that’d be rather bleak. Thankfully, life got a lot more interesting.

16. “Shakespeare Wrote in Old English.”

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Actually, it was Early Modern English. Old English is practically incomprehensible to us now—just try reading Beowulf in its original form.

17. “You Have to Be Able to Run a Mile Without Stopping.”

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Why though? Unless you’re being chased, a leisurely stroll often does the trick just fine.

18. “Map-Reading Is an Essential Skill.”

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GPS and satellite navigation have mostly relegated traditional map-reading to a hobby rather than a survival skill. Sorry, orienteering.

19. “You’ll Need to Know How to Identify All These Rocks.”

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Unless you’re a geologist, it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to identify sedimentary from metamorphic rocks in your daily life.

20. “Eating Carrots Improves Your Night Vision.”

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This was actually wartime propaganda that has somehow made it into school curriculums. Carrots are healthy, but they won’t give you night vision goggles.

So Much for That!

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While we salute our teachers for their efforts (and patience), some of the things they insisted we’d need to know were, frankly, rubbish.

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