20 Gender-Related Phrases We Need to Stop Telling Our Kids

In a world that’s rapidly evolving, the way we talk to our children about gender plays a significant role in shaping a more inclusive society. It’s time to challenge and change the traditional narratives that limit our kids’ potential based on gender. Here’s a list of gender-specific phrases and ideas we should move away from, fostering a more supportive and open-minded environment for the next generation.

1. “Boys Don’t Cry”

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“Boys Don’t Cry”Suppressing emotions is unhealthy for anyone, regardless of gender. Everyone should feel comfortable expressing their feelings.

2. “Girls Must Always Be Polite”

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“Girls Must Always Be Polite”While being polite is a great quality, implying that girls must always be docile or accommodating reinforces harmful stereotypes.

3. “Boys Will Be Boys”

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“Boys Will Be Boys” – This phrase often excuses aggressive or inappropriate behavior. Accountability is important for all.

4. “That’s Not Ladylike”

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“That’s Not Ladylike” – Activities or behaviors shouldn’t be off-limits based on being deemed not “ladylike.” Encourage exploration and freedom.

5. “Man Up”

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“Man Up” – Suggesting that bravery or resilience is exclusively masculine not only limits boys but undermines the strength of all genders.

6. “Girls Are Not Good at Math”

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“Girls Are Not Good at Math” – This stereotype discourages girls from pursuing STEM fields. Ability in subjects is not gender-specific.

7. “Boys Don’t Play With Dolls”

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“Boys Don’t Play With Dolls” – Toys have no gender. Playing with a wide range of toys fosters empathy and a broad skill set.

8. “Be a Man”

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“Be a Man” – Implying that there’s only one way to be a man is restrictive. We should encourage being a good human above all.

9. “Girls Should Be Seen, Not Heard”

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“Girls Should Be Seen, Not Heard” – This outdated idea stifles girls’ voices and confidence. Encourage kids to express their thoughts and opinions.

10. “Boys Are Messy”

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“Boys Are Messy” – Labeling behaviors based on gender excuses responsibility. Teach cleanliness and organization as universal values.

11. “You Throw Like a Girl”

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“You Throw Like a Girl” – Used pejoratively, it sends a message that being female is inferior. Celebrate effort and improvement instead.

12. “Girls Are Too Emotional”

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“Girls Are Too Emotional” – Emotions are human, not gender-specific. Validate feelings instead of dismissing them.

13. “Boys Shouldn’t Be Afraid”

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“Boys Shouldn’t Be Afraid” – Fear is natural. Teach courage in facing fears, not denying them.

14. “Girls Need to Be Rescued”

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“Girls Need to Be Rescued” – This perpetuates the idea that females are inherently less capable. Empower all children to be self-reliant.

15. “Boys Don’t Do Ballet”

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“Boys Don’t Do Ballet” – Interest in the arts is for everyone. Encourage passions, regardless of the activity’s perceived gender association.

16. “Girls Can’t Be Leaders”

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“Girls Can’t Be Leaders” – Leadership qualities are not gender-dependent. Foster leadership skills in every child.

17. “Boys Don’t Care About Clothes”

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“Boys Don’t Care About Clothes” – Personal style is a form of self-expression for all. Encourage creativity and personal choice.

18. “Girls Must Have Long Hair”

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“Girls Must Have Long Hair” – Hair length and style should be a personal choice, not a gendered expectation.

19. “Boys Don’t Help in the Kitchen”

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“Boys Don’t Help in the Kitchen” – Cooking and household chores are life skills everyone needs to learn.

20. “Girls Aren’t Funny”

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“Girls Aren’t Funny” – Humor is a human trait. Encourage laughter and joy in every child.

Building a More Inclusive World

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By moving away from these gender-specific directives, we not only broaden the horizons for our children but also contribute to a more inclusive and understanding world. Let’s focus on nurturing kindness, empathy, and individuality in every child, regardless of gender.

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