Pride Season: Your Guide to Celebrating LGBTQ+ Events in the UK

The UK’s Pride season is in full swing, offering a rich tapestry of events celebrating LGBTQ+ culture and community. Here’s where and when to join the festivities:

1. London Pride – July 1st

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London’s massive Pride parade paints the city in rainbow colours from Piccadilly Circus to Whitehall, followed by concerts and events in Trafalgar Square.

2. Brighton Pride – August 5th-7th

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Brighton Pride, famous for its inclusive atmosphere, features a vibrant parade through the city and a festival weekend in Preston Park with high-profile musical performances.

3. Manchester Pride – August 25th-28th

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Celebrated over the bank holiday weekend, Manchester Pride includes the spirited Gay Village Party and a parade, with numerous live shows and cultural events.

4. Bristol Pride – July 8th

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Bristol’s Pride Day starts with a march through the city leading to a massive outdoor music festival featuring a lineup of local and national artists.

5. Newcastle Pride – July 22nd-23rd

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Also known as Northern Pride, this gathering features a parade through Newcastle and a weekend festival at the Town Moor with entertainment and community zones.

6. Leeds Pride – August 6th

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Leeds Pride celebrates with a parade starting at Millennium Square and continuing with events throughout the city centre, emphasizing local talent and community groups.

7. Glasgow Pride – July 16th-17th

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Pride Glasgow hosts a parade through the city centre and a weekend festival at Glasgow Green, with stages for live performances and areas for family activities.

8. Sheffield Pride – July 29th

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Sheffield Pride offers a community parade and a festival in Endcliffe Park with live entertainment, market stalls, and food vendors, celebrating diversity in the community.

9. Edinburgh Pride – June 24th

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Edinburgh’s Pride march moves from Parliament to the Omni Centre, featuring speeches, live music, and a community fair showcasing local organizations.

10. Liverpool Pride – July 30th

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Set against the iconic backdrop of the city’s waterfront, Liverpool Pride includes a parade through the city centre and a festival at the Pier Head featuring multiple stages.

11. Cardiff Pride – August 26th-28th

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Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend takes over Cardiff with a parade through the city centre and a festival in Bute Park, complete with entertainment, vendors, and community resources.

12. Belfast Pride – July 29th

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Northern Ireland’s largest LGBTQ+ festival includes a vibrant parade through Belfast city centre and a week-long series of events celebrating diversity and equality.

13. Nottinghamshire Pride – July 29th

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Held in Nottingham, this Pride features a parade through the city and a day-long street festival on Broad Street, filled with performances, workshops, and community stalls.

14. Southampton Pride – August 26th

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Southampton Pride features a parade through the city centre ending at Guildhall Square, where a festival with live entertainment and food vendors takes place.

15. Norwich Pride – July 29th

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A vibrant march through Norwich city centre is complemented by a day-long celebration in Chapelfield Gardens with speeches, live performances, and community booths.

16. Dundee Pride – September 23rd

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Dundee Pride celebrates with a parade through the city centre and a community festival at Slessor Gardens, highlighting local artists and community organizations.

17. Aberdeen Pride – July 1st

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Aberdeen’s Pride event includes a parade from Albyn Place to the Castlegate, where a community festival features live entertainment, food, and informational booths.

18. Isle of Wight Pride – July 15th

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Taking place on Ryde Beach, Isle of Wight Pride includes a parade along the seafront and a beach party, making it a unique celebration in the UK Pride calendar.

A Month of Rainbows

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With such a diverse array of celebrations, the UK’s Pride month is packed with opportunities to support the LGBTQ+ community and engage in vibrant, inclusive festivities. Whether you’re in the north or south, there’s a Pride event near you ready to welcome everyone.

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