20 Life Lessons from the French You Need to Know

The French have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to living well. From their leisurely lunches to their chic style, there’s much we can learn from our neighbours across the Channel. Here are 20 life lessons that encapsulate the essence of French living:

1. Savor Your Food

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The French take time to enjoy their meals, often lingering over a lunch for hours. Eating isn’t just about sustenance; it’s a pleasure to be savored.

2. Quality Over Quantity

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Whether it’s food, fashion, or furniture, the French prioritize quality. Choose fewer but better things.

3. Dress Well, Feel Well

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A well-tailored outfit can lift your spirits. The French dress neatly no matter the occasion, proving that style is timeless.

4. Life Is Too Short for Bad Wine

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The French love their wine and believe in drinking good ones. Life’s too short to drink bad wine, after all.

5. Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

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In France, work is just one part of life, not the be-all and end-all. Work hard, but remember to live, too.

6. Preserve Local Traditions

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The French fiercely protect their local traditions, languages, and cultures. Cherish and maintain your heritage.

7. Art of Conversation

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A good conversation is like a fine wine to the French. Cultivate the art of talking and listening.

8. Embrace Intellectualism

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Critical thinking and intellectual debate are valued highly in France. It’s cool to be smart.

9. Maintain Public Decorum

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The French have a strong sense of public decorum and politeness. Always say “Bonjour” and “Merci”.

10. Take Vacations Seriously

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Vacations aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity. The French take all their vacation days and so should you.

11. Be Proud but Not Arrogant

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National pride is strong in France, but it comes without the arrogance. Be proud of where you come from, respectfully.

12. Learn to Cook One Signature Dish

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Every French person has a signature dish they can whip up. Find yours.

13. Family First

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Family meals and gatherings are sacred in France. Make time for your family.

14. Keep Your Private Life Private

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The French value privacy highly, a reminder in today’s oversharing world to keep some things to yourself.

15. Enjoy the Outdoors

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Whether it’s a city park or the countryside, the French know the value of fresh air and natural beauty.

16. Age Gracefully

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In France, age is just a number. Embrace aging and the wisdom that comes with it.

17. Have a Local Bakery

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Nothing beats fresh bread from your local boulangerie. Support local businesses and enjoy the benefits.

18. Stay Informed

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The French are often well-informed and up-to-date with politics and current events. Knowledge is power.

19. Cultivate a Hobby

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Whether it’s painting, gardening, or playing an instrument, hobbies enrich your life. The French passionately cultivate theirs.

20. Live with Passion

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Last but not least, whatever you do, do it with passion. The French approach to life is passionate and this zeal can be infectious.

Ooh La La

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From dining and dressing to debating and decorating, adopting a few French habits might just make life a little more joie de vivre.

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