Meghan Markle’s Battle: 18 Instances of Unjust Treatment in the UK

Since stepping into the royal spotlight, Meghan Markle has faced a barrage of challenges and criticisms. Here’s a look at some of the key ways she’s been unfairly treated by the UK media, public and at times among the Royal Family itself. 

1. Media Scrutiny

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From the outset, Meghan was relentlessly pursued by tabloids like The Sun and the Daily Mail, which invaded her privacy and spread misleading stories. Stories about her alleged “diva” behavior and feuds with staff were exaggerated and often unfounded.

2. Racial Bias

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Meghan’s biracial heritage has been a significant factor in the negative coverage she received. Headlines such as “Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton” in the Daily Mail highlighted the racist undertones of her treatment.

3. Unfair Comparisons to Kate Middleton

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The media frequently compared Meghan unfavorably to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Meghan was criticized for holding her baby bump, labeled as attention-seeking, while Kate was praised for similar behavior during her pregnancies.

4. Lack of Royal Support

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Meghan and Harry revealed in their Oprah Winfrey interview that they received insufficient support from the royal institution. When Meghan sought help for her mental health struggles, she was reportedly told it would not be good for the institution.

5. Public Criticism

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Despite her efforts to address important social issues, Meghan faced significant public criticism. Her work guest-editing British Vogue’s “Forces for Change” issue was met with skepticism and accusations of being too political.

6. Tabloid Lies

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British tabloids published numerous false stories about Meghan, including fabricated reports of her making Kate cry over bridesmaid dresses. These lies significantly damaged her public image and led to multiple legal battles.

7. Legal Battles

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Meghan had to engage in multiple legal battles, such as her lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday for publishing a private letter to her father. These legal issues added to her stress and public scrutiny, despite winning the case.

8. Mental Health Struggles

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Meghan openly discussed her mental health struggles, including suicidal thoughts, during the Oprah interview. The lack of support from the royal family and the institution exacerbated her struggles, leaving her feeling isolated and unsupported.

9. Toxic Work Environment

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Reports suggested Meghan faced a toxic environment within the royal household. Incidents included staff leaks to the press and a general lack of acceptance, contributing to her decision to step back from royal duties.

10. Paparazzi Harassment

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Meghan was relentlessly pursued by paparazzi, reminiscent of the treatment of Princess Diana. This constant invasion of privacy was a significant source of stress for her and Harry, culminating in their decision to relocate to the United States.

11. Social Media Abuse

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Meghan has been a target for online trolls and social media abuse, including racist and sexist attacks. The constant cyberbullying deeply affected her mental health and well-being.

12. Family Betrayals

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Her father, Thomas Markle, and half-sister, Samantha Markle, frequently spoke out against her in the press, further damaging her public image and adding to her emotional burden. Their betrayals were widely publicized and often sensationalized.

13. Questioned Loyalty

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Meghan’s loyalty to the royal family was unfairly questioned, with critics accusing her of undermining the monarchy. Her attempts to modernize and bring positive change were often met with resistance from within the institution.

14. Negative Stereotyping

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Meghan was subjected to negative stereotyping, often portrayed as demanding and difficult. These stereotypes persisted despite evidence to the contrary, painting her in an unjust light.

15. Career Sacrifices

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Meghan gave up her successful acting career and much of her personal independence to join the royal family. Despite these sacrifices, she was not appreciated or respected accordingly, often being portrayed as an outsider.

16. Misogynistic Attacks

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Meghan faced misogynistic attacks that critiqued her ambition, strength, and outspokenness. These attacks were rooted in sexist expectations of women, particularly those in the public eye.

17. Pressure to Conform

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Meghan was pressured to conform to traditional royal expectations, often at the expense of her identity and values. Her efforts to bring modernity to the monarchy were met with resistance from key royals, including Prince William and Kate.

18. Misunderstood Intentions

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Many of Meghan’s philanthropic efforts and public statements were misunderstood or misrepresented. Instead of recognizing her genuine intentions, she was accused of seeking attention, particularly by critics like Piers Morgan.

Time for Change

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Meghan Markle’s experience exposes the toxic dynamics within the UK media and royal institution. It’s high time we reflect on these issues and push for a more compassionate and fair treatment of public figures.

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