15 Ways Millennial Adulting Is Tougher Than We Thought

Navigating adulthood in the 2020s has been like playing a game of real-life Jenga, with each year bringing a new, unexpected challenge. Did you think adulthood would be easier?

1. Pandemic Perplexities

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The decade kicked off with a global pandemic that turned our worlds upside down. From navigating furloughs to following ever-changing government guidelines, it’s been a wild ride.

2. Remote Work Woes

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While working from home sounded like a dream, it quickly turned into a challenge with back-to-back Zoom calls and the constant battle for decent broadband.

3. Soaring House Prices

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Dreaming of buying a house? With property prices skyrocketing across the UK, especially in places like London, that dream feels more distant than ever.

4. Social Media Burnout

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Constant connectivity was supposed to be a boon, but it’s turned into a battleground of political rants and a never-ending stream of the “perfect” life posts.

5. Economic Instability

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With Brexit shaking up the economy and job markets fluctuating wildly, financial security seems to be a thing of the past. Thank you, austerity.

6. Environmental Anxiety

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As climate change becomes more tangible, the flood warnings, unpredictable weather, and the pressure to reduce our carbon footprint weigh heavily on our minds.

7. Navigating the NHS

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Trying to book a GP appointment feels like a lottery, and waiting lists for treatments are longer than ever. We cherish the NHS, but it’s stretched thin.

8. Political Fatigue

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From Tory scandals to endless Brexit negotiations, keeping up with British politics requires stamina, and the constant drama is more draining than any soap opera.

9. Dating App Disasters

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Dating has turned into a relentless swipe-fest on apps, making us miss the days when you’d just bump into someone at the pub.

10. Retirement Mirage

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Planning for retirement? With private pensions becoming a necessity and the state pension age creeping up, the goalposts keep moving.

11. Tech Overload

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Technology moves at a breakneck pace, and keeping up with the latest gadgets isn’t just for tech enthusiasts anymore—it’s a societal must.

12. Information Overload

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The barrage of news and data at our fingertips can be overwhelming. Figuring out what’s accurate in a sea of misinformation is a daily challenge.

13. The Pressure to Be Perfect

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Instagram and reality TV set high standards for lifestyle, looks, and even home decor, which are exhausting to try to meet.

14. The Gig Economy Grind

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Stable, long-term employment is increasingly rare, replaced by short-term contracts and freelance gigs. Benefits? What benefits?

15. Intergenerational Challenges

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From caring for ageing parents strained by the NHS crisis to supporting children in an increasingly competitive and expensive world, the pressure is mounting from all sides.

Adulting? More Like a Hard Slog

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The 2020s have reshaped what it means to be an adult in the UK, with each year serving up fresh challenges. If nothing else, we’re learning to adapt and keep calm, even if we can’t always carry on.

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