Millennial Stressors: 20 Absurd Demands We Face Every Day

Modern life for millennials often feels like navigating a minefield of absurd expectations. Why does it seem like every generation is out to critique our every move?

1. Buy a House by 30

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Despite stagnant wages and skyrocketing house prices, we’re still expected to own a home by 30. In cities like London, where the average house price exceeds £500,000, this seems like a cruel joke.

2. Have a Dream Job

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The notion that we should all have fulfilling, high-paying jobs right out of university is a myth. Many of us juggle multiple roles and side gigs just to make ends meet.

3. Start a Family

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By the time we hit our 30s, societal pressure mounts to settle down and have kids. Yet, the financial strain and lack of support make this an increasingly daunting task.

4. Maintain a Social Life

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Balancing a career, personal development, and social obligations can feel like a never-ending circus act. We’re expected to maintain an active social life without any regard for burnout.

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

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Gym memberships and healthy foods are costly, but the pressure to stay in peak physical condition persists. It’s a tall order when faced with long working hours and limited downtime.

6. Be Politically Active

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We’re expected to stay informed and active in a tumultuous political landscape. With constant news cycles and social media debates, keeping up can be mentally exhausting.

7. Live Sustainably

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While we genuinely care about the environment, the expectation to lead a zero-waste lifestyle can be overwhelming. The reality of affording sustainable products often clashes with our financial constraints.

8. Pursue Continuous Learning

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The push for continuous self-improvement and acquiring new skills can feel relentless. With the rise of online courses and certifications, the pressure to constantly upskill is ever-present.

9. Be Financially Savvy

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Managing student loans, credit card debt, and savings while being told to invest in our future is stressful. Financial literacy is essential, but the burden is heavy.

10. Travel the World

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The idea that we should be globe-trotters by now adds another layer of stress. With limited disposable income, travelling extensively is often unrealistic.

11. Perfect Your Online Presence

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Curating a flawless online persona across multiple platforms is exhausting. The pressure to appear perpetually successful and happy online takes a toll on our mental health.

12. Be Fashion-Forward

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Keeping up with fashion trends is expected, yet it’s an expensive endeavour. Fast fashion may offer a quick fix, but it comes with ethical dilemmas.

13. Eat Organic and Local

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Eating organic and local is ideal but often financially unfeasible. The premium prices of these products can make this expectation unrealistic for many.

14. Volunteer Regularly

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We’re encouraged to give back to our communities through volunteering. However, finding the time and energy amid our busy schedules is a significant challenge.

15. Have a Side Hustle

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The gig economy has glamorised side hustles, making them seem essential. Balancing a full-time job with a profitable side hustle often leads to burnout.

16. Practice Self-Care

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While self-care is important, the commercialisation of it adds pressure. Expensive spa days and wellness retreats aren’t always accessible.

17. Be an Influencer

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The rise of social media influencers creates an expectation to have a large following. This pursuit can distract from real-world relationships and accomplishments.

18. Own the Latest Gadgets

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Keeping up with the latest technology is expected, yet it’s a costly game. The rapid pace of tech advancements makes it hard to stay current.

19. Host Perfect Gatherings

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The pressure to host Instagram-worthy gatherings is immense. Planning and executing these events can be both time-consuming and financially draining.

20. Be Always Available

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The expectation to be constantly reachable via phone and email is exhausting. It blurs the lines between work and personal life, leaving little room for genuine relaxation.

The Struggle Is Real

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Living up to these unrealistic expectations is a Herculean task. It’s time to push back and set our own more attainable standards.

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