Inside the World of the Elite: 20 Odd Habits of British Posh People

In Britain’s upper echelons, certain habits might seem charmingly quaint or outright bizarre to the rest of us. What really goes on behind those stately mansion doors?

1. Attending Boarding Schools

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Posh families send their children to prestigious boarding schools like Eton or Harrow as a tradition that’s both a status symbol and a networking opportunity. To the average Brit, the idea of sending children away to school at a young age just to mingle with a ‘better class’ of peers can seem rather odd.

2. Cherishing Antique Family Heirlooms

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Antique family heirlooms are not only kept for sentimental reasons in posh families; they are a statement of lineage and heritage, proudly displayed and meticulously maintained. For most people, the extensive measures taken to preserve and show off such ancient artifacts can seem excessive and impractical.

3. Maintaining a Wine Cellar

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Posh individuals often boast personal wine cellars, showcasing a sophisticated palette and a deep appreciation of winemaking traditions. To everyday folk, the scale and specificity of such collections might seem both extravagant and bewildering, especially when a simple bottle from the local shop would suffice.

4. Belonging to Private Members’ Clubs

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Memberships to exclusive clubs such as The Garrick or The Groucho in London are not just about access to luxury amenities but also signify a particular social and cultural cachet. The average person might find the secretive, exclusionary nature of these clubs both mysterious and slightly ridiculous.

5. Using Formal Titles and Honorifics

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The continued use of ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’ by adults in posh circles is more than familial closeness; it reflects an adherence to old-fashioned formalities that most would find overly traditional and strangely formal for intimate family relationships.

6. Hosting Game Shooting Weekends

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Posh Brits often host weekends dedicated to shooting game, an activity that involves elaborate countryside gatherings. To the uninitiated, the pomp and circumstance surrounding what is essentially a hunting trip can appear both archaic and extravagant.

7. Summering in the Same Locations

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Each summer, the elite tend to flock to the same upscale locales, whether it’s the Scottish Highlands or the French Riviera. This predictable migration pattern can seem bizarrely rigid to those who prefer spontaneity in their holiday destinations.

8. Driving Vintage British Cars

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The preference for classic cars like Jaguars or old Land Rover Defenders, often less reliable than modern vehicles, is a posh fixation on heritage over practicality. Most people find the obsession with maintaining and displaying such impractical machines more a folly than fashion.

9. Dressing for Dinner at Home

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In posh households, it’s common to dress formally for dinner, even when eating alone. This insistence on maintaining sartorial standards at the dinner table can come off as comically formal to those accustomed to casual dining.

10. Partaking in Polo and Croquet

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Sports like polo and croquet are staples among the posh, not merely for exercise but as social events. The seriousness with which these sports are treated can seem disproportionate, given their relatively niche status in broader British sports culture.

11. Referring to Dinner as ‘Supper’

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Posh people often refer to their evening meal as ‘supper,’ a term that can confuse and amuse those used to simply calling it ‘dinner.’ The distinction, important in posh circles, can seem unnecessarily fussy.

12. Investing in Art They Don’t Fully Understand

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Investment in obscure art pieces is common in posh circles, often more about status than aesthetic appreciation. To the average person, spending fortunes on incomprehensible art can seem like a bizarre exercise in vanity.

13. Attending Seasonal Balls and Galas

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The social calendar for the posh can include a variety of balls and galas, each with its own elaborate dress code and rituals. The outside observer might view these events as curiously outdated and excessively opulent.

14. Educating Children at Home

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Home schooling, particularly by governesses or tutors, is a tradition in some posh families, aimed at maintaining a certain type of upbringing. This practice can appear overly protective and strangely isolating from a more conventional educational perspective.

15. Having a Dedicated Room for Wellies

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In posh homes, it’s not unusual to have a room dedicated just for Wellington boots, reflecting a lifestyle deeply connected to country living. To urban dwellers, dedicating entire spaces to footwear might seem ludicrously lavish.

16. Practising Elaborate Tea Rituals

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Afternoon tea in posh households can involve an intricate array of utensils, courses, and etiquette. The elaborate nature of what many consider a simple comfort — tea — can be perplexing.

17. Keeping Stiff Upper Lips

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The famous ‘stl aspect of the British posh culture, the stiff upper lip—maintaining emotional restraint and stoicism in every situation—can seem strangely detached and outdated to those who value emotional expressiveness.

18. Receiving Honorary Titles and Seats in the House of Lords

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Being awarded an honorary title or a seat in the House of Lords is a significant status symbol in posh circles. To many, the idea that titles or political influence can be inherited or bestowed based on social standing rather than merit can seem peculiarly undemocratic.

19. Owning Land Just for Fox Hunting

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Although fox hunting with hounds is now banned, owning land specifically for the continuation of this and similar traditions persists among the posh. This practice often strikes others as a bizarre holdover from a less humane age.

20. Preferring Books Over Digital Media

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In an age dominated by digital media, the posh often show a strong preference for physical books, filling their homes with expansive libraries. While charming, this can seem peculiarly anachronistic in the digital era, where most consume media on their devices.

Eccentricity Among the Elite

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The lifestyles of Britain’s posh can often seem like a world unto themselves, marked by practices that are as much about upholding tradition as they are about displaying wealth and status. To the average Brit, these habits can range from charmingly quaint to bewilderingly bizarre, providing a fascinating glimpse into how the other half lives.

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