UK Then and Now: 25 Reasons It Was Better 25 Years Ago

Nostalgia isn’t just a feeling; it’s an art form, especially when we cast our minds back 25 years in the UK. From the chime of the ice cream van being the highlight of our evenings to the thrill of finding a rare Pokémon card in your packet of crisps, things seemed just a bit brighter. Let’s rewind into what made those days stand out.

1. TV Theme Tunes

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Back then, TV theme tunes were iconic. You could hum a few bars of your favourite show, and everyone knew exactly what you were talking about. They don’t make ’em like the “EastEnders” drum intro anymore.

2. Saturday Morning TV

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A ritual for every kid (and adult, let’s be honest). “Live & Kicking,” “SM:TV Live” – a golden era of television that made weekends worth waiting for.

3. The Price of a Pint

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Remember when you could go out with a tenner and come home with change after a night at the pub? Those were the days.

4. Football Without VAR

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The debates were about whether it was a goal or not based on the skill of the player, not a team of video analysts dissecting every move.

5. Concert Ticket Prices

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You could see the biggest bands without having to sell a kidney. Now, you need a small loan for the nosebleed seats.

6. Public Transport Costs

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Getting around was affordable, and you didn’t need to take out a mortgage for a train ticket to the next city.

7. The High Street

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It was thriving, bustling, and the heart of every town. Saturday shopping was an event, not just a quick click online.

8. Chocolate Bars

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They were bigger, cheaper, and somehow tasted better. Or maybe everything just tastes better when you’re a kid.

9. Privacy

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Not everything you did was tracked, stored, or shared. The concept of “Big Brother” was still just a dystopian fantasy.

10. Music Stores

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Flicking through albums in HMV or Virgin Megastore, discovering new music was a tactile adventure, not just an algorithmic suggestion.

11. Kids Playing Outside

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Parks and streets were full of kids playing until the streetlights came on, not glued to screens.

12. Sense of Community

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Neighbours knew each other, and communities felt tighter. There was always someone to borrow a cup of sugar from.

13. Letter Writing

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Getting a handwritten letter in the post was a thrill. It’s just not the same with emails and texts.

14. Road Traffic

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You could actually drive through town without factoring in a spare hour for traffic jams.

15. Holidays

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They felt more special before the era of Instagram. It was about the experience, not the photo ops.

16. School Life

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Less pressure, more play. It seemed like there was more time to be a kid.

17. Family Meals

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Families sat down together at the table without the TV on or phones in hand. It was about conversation and connection.

18. Fashion

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Sure, it was questionable, but it was also fun and less disposable. Plus, who doesn’t miss the thrill of baggy jeans?

19. Reality TV

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It was a novelty, not a career path. The charm has somewhat faded now that it’s everywhere.

20. Buying a House

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It was a realistic goal for more people. Now, it’s like chasing a unicorn.

21. Work-Life Balance

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The line between work and home was clearer when you couldn’t carry your office in your pocket.

22. Video Rental Stores

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The excitement of browsing the aisles and picking out a film for the weekend is a lost pleasure.

23. News

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It came at you once a day, not in a relentless 24-hour cycle of doomscrolling.

24. Air Travel

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It was glamorous, or at least more special. Now, it feels more like a bus service with extra steps.

25. Socializing

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It was in person, spontaneous. You didn’t need a three-week notice and a shared online calendar.


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Ah, nostalgia – isn’t it bitter-sweet? While we’ve gained much in the last 25 years, it’s fun to look back at the simpler, perhaps better, times. But who knows? In another 25 years, we might just be reminiscing about how great things were in 2024. Until then, let’s keep the spirit of those good old’ days

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