Friendship Toxicity: 21 Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

Ever had that moment when you’re halfway through replying to a mate’s message and suddenly think, “Hold on, why am I stressing over this?” You might just be entangled in the not-so-cosy embrace of a toxic friendship. These red flags are as clear as the need for an umbrella on a cloudy day in Manchester.

1. The Ghoster

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Vanishes more often than your resolve to give up crisps. Getting a reply is as rare as a quiet moment in Piccadilly Circus.

2. The Drama Magnet

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Attracts chaos like a seagull to a chip. Suddenly, you’re less of a friend and more of an unpaid therapist.

3. The Competition

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Every story you have, they’ve got one to top it. It’s like being in a never-ending game where the only prize is frustration.

4. The Social Media Hawk

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They’re all over your online life, liking and commenting. Yet, face-to-face, you get less interaction than from a brick wall.

5. The Last-Minute Bail

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Plans with them are about as solid as a chocolate teapot. You’re better off making plans with a mirage.

6. The Gossip Spread

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Trust them with a secret at your peril. Your business becomes community property faster than you can say “I shouldn’t have told you that.”

7. The Wallet Forget

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Somehow, when it’s time to pay, they’re more elusive than a sunny bank holiday. Rounds with them are a myth, a legend.

8. The Underminer

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Their “jokes” cut a little too deep, leaving you feeling about as good as a rainy summer holiday in Skegness.

9. The Empty Promiser

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They promise the moon but deliver not even a glowworm. Expecting them to follow through is like waiting for a heatwave in February.

10. The Downer

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Spending time with them leaves you more deflated than England’s hopes in a penalty shootout. They have a knack for turning a good mood sour.

11. The Green Monster

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They view your wins with the same enthusiasm as a cat does a bath. Supportive? Only when it suits them.

12. The Guilt-Tripper

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They’ve got making you feel guilty down to an art. Suddenly, you’re apologising for their mistakes.

13. The Parasite

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You give, they take. It’s a one-sided exchange that leaves you as drained as a bank account in January.

14. The Puppeteer

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Skilled in manipulation, they twist situations to their advantage. You’re left feeling like you’re in a maze without a map.

15. The Professional Victim

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Somehow, they’re always the aggrieved party. Responsibility is an alien concept to them.

16. The Sneaky Critic

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Compliments are laced with subtle digs. You’re left feeling puzzled rather than pleased.

17. The Measurer

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Your achievements are always compared to theirs, and somehow you always seem to come up short. It’s like being in a perpetual game of “Who’s Better?”

18. The Time Hoarder

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Demands all your time and then some. Your personal space is invaded more aggressively than tourists hitting Oxford Street on Boxing Day.

19. The Boundary Crosser

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Respect for your limits is non-existent. They overstep more than an eager contestant on a game show.

20. The Mood Mimic

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Their mood dictates yours. If they’re down, they expect you to be right there with them, in the dumps.

21. The Loyalty Tester

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They set up scenarios to test your loyalty, making trust a game rather than a given. You find yourself proving your friendship more often than you’d like.

Time to Tidy the Friend List?

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Spotting these red flags in your friendships is like finding out there’s been a hole in your pint glass all evening – it explains a lot. It might be time for a spring clean in your social circle, making room for more genuine connections. After all, life’s too short for friendships that feel like an uphill cycle… on a Boris bike.

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