Royal Rule-Breakers: How the British Monarchy Defies Tradition

The British Royal Family is renowned for its strict adherence to tradition, but even they have their moments of unexpected rebellion. What happens when royalty decides to rewrite the rules?

1. No Selfie Zone Ignored

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In a bold move during her Australian tour, Meghan Markle snapped selfies with fans, defying the longstanding ‘no selfies’ royal protocol aimed at maintaining formality during public appearances.

2. Christmas Speech Modernisation

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King Charles III transformed the traditional Christmas speech by incorporating modern digital elements, making it more relatable and engaging for the digital age.

3. Dress Code Ditched

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Prince Harry shocked many when he attended a charity event without a tie, breaking the royal dress code that typically requires a tie at public engagements to maintain a decorous appearance.

4. Public Displays of Affection

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have occasionally broken the unspoken rule against public displays of affection. Their subtle hand-holding moments signal a modernisation of royal protocol.

5. Bypassing the Press

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In an unprecedented move, Prince Harry and Meghan announced their decision to step back from royal duties via Instagram, bypassing traditional royal communication channels that involve formal press announcements.

6. Christmas Tradition Altered

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King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla invited a non-royal, Kate’s mother Carole Middleton, to the traditionally exclusive royal family Christmas gathering, breaking with the usual family-only protocol.

7. Royals at the Polls

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Contrary to the unspoken rule of royal political neutrality, several younger royals have been spotted near polling stations during elections, stirring speculations about their participation in voting.

8. Surprise School Run

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Kate Middleton often takes Prince George and Princess Charlotte to school herself, a departure from previous royal generations who typically left such tasks to nannies and staff.

9. Skipping the Line

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In a poignant nod to modern times, Princess Anne skipped the hospital queue when receiving her COVID-19 vaccine, a move aimed at demonstrating leadership and encouraging public compliance with health guidelines.

10. Informal Interviews

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Breaking away from the formal press settings, Prince William and Kate Middleton have engaged in unusually informal interviews, including podcasts and TV shows that discuss personal topics like mental health and parenting.

11. Mixed Seating at Weddings

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Traditionally, royal weddings strictly segregate guests by family, status, and nationality. However, at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, seating was mixed, reflecting a more modern, inclusive approach.

12. Direct Social Media Engagement

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Bucking the trend of controlled, formal communication, several younger royals, like Princess Eugenie, actively manage their own social media accounts to engage directly with the public.

13. Commercial Flights

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In a nod to environmental and financial concerns, Prince William and his family have occasionally flown on commercial airlines, eschewing private royal jets.

14. Vegan Ventures

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Breaking with traditional royal dining protocols, Meghan Markle occasionally opts for vegan meals during public engagements, aligning with her ethical and health-conscious lifestyle choices.

15. Unconventional Baby Announcements

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Eschewing the traditional photo op outside the maternity ward, Prince Harry and Meghan opted for a more private and controlled reveal of their newborn son, Archie.

16. Candid Cancer Discussions

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Kate Middleton has openly discussed her brother James Middleton’s struggles with depression, broadening royal conversations around mental health and breaking the stigma.

17. Engaging With Modern Art

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Prince Charles has publicly engaged with modern art forms, including street art, which starkly contrasts with the royal affinity for classical portraits and sculptures.

18. Royals in Reality TV

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Prince William made a surprise appearance on a reality TV show focused on environmental conservation, bridging royal presence with popular culture in an effort to promote sustainability.

When Royals Go Rogue

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As times change, so too does the Royal Family, adapting and bending their storied protocols to fit the modern world. These deviations from tradition not only humanise the royals but also reflect a monarchy evolving with its people.

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