20 Stunning UK Beaches You Have to See to Believe

The UK’s coastlines are dotted with stunning beaches, from secluded coves to expansive sands. But which ones truly deserve a spot in your summer plans? Let’s explore the top 20, weighing their beauty against the sometimes unpredictable British weather.

20. West Wittering, West Sussex

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West Wittering offers expansive sandy beaches and stunning views of Chichester Harbour. It’s a family favourite, but parking can be a challenge on sunny days.

19. Saunton Sands, Devon

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Saunton Sands boasts miles of golden sand backed by impressive dunes. While it’s perfect for surfers and sunbathers, the Atlantic breeze can make it cooler than expected.

18. Porthcurno, Cornwall

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Porthcurno’s turquoise waters and fine sand make it a Cornish gem. Be prepared for a steep walk down to the beach, which can deter the less mobile.

17. Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

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With Bamburgh Castle towering above, this beach offers dramatic scenery. The North Sea’s chill, however, isn’t for everyone.

16. Rhossili Bay, Wales

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Rhossili Bay is famed for its three-mile-long sandy beach and breathtaking cliffs. The walk down is part of the adventure, not ideal for those after a quick dip.

15. Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

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Barafundle Bay, accessible only by a half-mile walk, is a slice of paradise in Wales. However, the lack of facilities means you need to come prepared.

14. Woolacombe Beach, Devon

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Woolacombe Beach’s three miles of sand make it a surfer’s and family’s delight. The main drawback? The crowds that flock here in the summer.

13. Achmelvich Beach, Scotland

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Achmelvich Beach in the Highlands surprises visitors with its white sands and clear waters. The remote location means a journey, but it’s a tranquil escape for those who make the trip.

12. Holkham Beach, Norfolk

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Holkham’s vast sandy expanse is part of a nature reserve, offering unspoiled beauty. Just remember, the tide goes out far, so timing your visit is crucial.

11. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

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Luskentyre’s stunning white sands and turquoise waters rival tropical destinations. The Scottish weather, however, remains predictably unpredictable.

10. Perranporth, Cornwall

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Perranporth beach features a unique mix of dunes, rock pools, and a natural sea pool. It’s a haven for families, though the sea’s pull can be strong for swimmers.

9. St Ives Bay, Cornwall

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St Ives Bay has several beaches with golden sands and artistic vibes. The downside? Summer brings tourists in droves, so finding a quiet spot can be a challenge.

8. Alnmouth Beach, Northumberland

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Alnmouth offers peaceful stretches of sand with fewer tourists than other famous beaches. Be wary of the cold North Sea if you’re planning to swim.

7. Formby Beach, Merseyside

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Formby is known for its sand dunes and red squirrel reserve. The beach can get busy, especially when the sun shines, so early arrival is advised.

6. Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

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Freshwater West’s rugged beauty and waves attract surfers from across the UK. The strong currents, however, mean it’s more for viewing than swimming for many.

5. Sandwood Bay, Scotland

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Sandwood Bay is one of the UK’s most remote beaches, offering pristine sands and solitude. The hike to reach it deters casual visitors but rewards the intrepid.

4. Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

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Compton Bay’s fossil-rich cliffs and rolling waves make it a geologist’s and surfer’s dream. The access down steep paths keeps the crowds at bay.

3. Studland Bay, Dorset

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Studland Bay’s four miles of sands and nature reserves are a National Trust treasure. However, summer traffic can turn the journey there into quite a slog.

2. Watergate Bay, Cornwall

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Watergate Bay combines surf, sand, and a vibrant beach culture. It’s wonderful for active beachgoers but can feel overrun when events are on.

1. Weymouth Beach, Dorset

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Weymouth Beach is a classic with its Georgian seafront and soft sands. The ideal balance of facilities and space makes it a winner, though it’s no secret among holidaymakers.

The Coastal Conclusion

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Each of these beaches offers a unique slice of the UK’s coastal charm. Whether you’re after solitude or a bustling beach day, there’s a shore for every taste. Just remember, British weather can turn any beach day into an adventure, so pack your suncream and umbrella!

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