Suella Braverman: 15 Most Outspoken Moments

Suella Braverman’s short tenures as Home Secretary were marked by a series of controversial statements that ignited debates on policy, morality, and governance in the UK. 

#1. Internal Market Bill

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Braverman supported the Internal Market Bill, described as breaking international law in a “limited and specific way,” which led to accusations of sacrificing the UK’s reputation and risking the Good Friday Agreement​​.

#2. The Rwanda ‘dream’

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She was a major proponent of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda, calling it her “dream” at the Tory conference in 2022, which drew widespread condemnation​​.

#3. India Trade Deal

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Braverman expressed reservations about allowing more immigration from India, affecting a major trade deal between the UK and India​​.

#4. Security Breach

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She was sacked as home secretary for leaking confidential Cabinet papers, a move criticized for breaching security protocols​​.

#5. Migrant ‘invasion’

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Braverman described the arrival of asylum seekers on the south coast as an “invasion,” which was likened to language used by far-right figures​​.

#6. Grooming Gangs Article

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In a comment piece, Braverman claimed child grooming gangs in the UK were “almost all British-Pakistani,” a statement found “significantly misleading” by the Independent Press Standards Organization​​.

#7. Driving Awareness Course

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She faced criticism for allegedly breaching the ministerial code by asking civil servants to arrange a private driving awareness course for her after being caught speeding​​.

#8. Asylum Seekers ‘pretending to be gay’

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Braverman claimed many asylum seekers pretended to be homosexual or transgender to “game the system,” drawing outrage from LGBT+ groups​​.

#9. Multiculturalism a ‘failure’

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She stated that multiculturalism in the UK had “failed” and threatened security, a statement that led to criticism and distancing by the Prime Minister​​.

#10. Homelessness a ‘lifestyle choice’

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Braverman faced criticism for plans to prevent charities from giving tents to rough sleepers and claiming homelessness was a “lifestyle choice”​​.

#11. Police ‘playing favorites’

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She accused police of tolerating pro-Palestinian demonstrations while using stronger tactics against right-wing protests, a statement that was described as “divisive” and “inflammatory”​​.

#12. Pro-Palestinian Protests Criticism

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Braverman’s unauthorized article criticizing the policing of pro-Palestinian protests was the final straw that led to her sacking, as it was seen as stoking tensions and defying the Prime Minister​​.

#13. Chants at Protests

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She urged police to consider whether chants like “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” could amount to a racially aggravated section 5 public order offence​​.

#14. Warning to Demonstrators

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Braverman warned demonstrators at pro-Palestine rallies that the police were ‘coming for them,’ accusing some of glorifying terrorism​.

#15. ‘Hate Marches’

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She used the term “hate marches” to describe protests calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, urging a “zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism” and suggesting she would change laws around chants deemed extremist​​.

These statements and actions contributed to her being a polarizing figure in UK politics, drawing criticism from various groups and leading to her eventual sacking as Home Secretary.

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