17 Tech Gadgets You Can Live Happily Without

Ever felt like your household items are just too silent, and maybe, just maybe, your life would peak if your water bottle could nag you about hydration? In a world where gadgets have gone from helpful to “huh?”, let’s sift through the tech clutter we’ve been convinced we can’t live without. Here’s a list of 17 smart devices that are, quite frankly, as necessary as a screen door on a submarine.

1. Smart Forks

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Because apparently, we’ve lost the ability to gauge when we’re full? These gadgets vibrate if you eat too fast. Spoiler alert: your stomach does that too, for free.

2. WiFi-Enabled Water Bottles

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Glowing to remind you to drink water, because millennia of evolution haven’t equipped us to feel thirsty, apparently.

3. Smart Salt Dispensers

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Tracks your salt intake. Because nothing says “I’m living in the future” like having your salt shaker judge you.

4. Bluetooth Toothbrushes

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Sends data to your phone about your brushing habits. Because if there’s one thing missing in life, it’s more performance analytics.

5. Egg Minders

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These smart egg trays tell you how many eggs you have left and which ones are going bad. Because checking yourself is so 20th century.

6. Smart Hairbrushes

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With sensors to tell you you’re brushing your hair all wrong. Finally, an answer to the sleepless nights wondering about your brushing technique.

7. WiFi-Enabled Socks

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Yes, they exist. They track your steps and tell you if your feet stink. If only there were another device for that, like a nose.

8. Smart Toilets

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They analyze your deposits. Great for those who thought their bathroom experience was just too straightforward.

9. Connected Toothpicks

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Alerts you to food stuck in your teeth. Because asking a friend or using a mirror is too much effort.

10. Smart Mirrors

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It tells you the weather, news, and how you’re slowly ageing. Because who doesn’t want their reflection to talk back?

11. Internet-Connected Candles

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Because manually lighting a candle is incredibly taxing, and we definitely need an app for that.

12. Smart Showers

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Saves water by monitoring your usage, or by just making showers so frustratingly high-tech you’ll avoid them altogether.

13. Intelligent Sleep Monitors

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Because the best way to ensure a restful night’s sleep is to strap gadgets to yourself and obsess over the data the next day.

14. Connected Clothes Hangers

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Tells you what to wear based on the weather and your calendar. Because making decisions is hard.

15. Smart Wine Decanters

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Aerates your wine to the perfect level. Because letting wine breathe on its own is so passé.

16. Digital Art Frames

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Displays digital art that you can change with an app. Because actual paintings are so last millennium.

17. Smart Mugs

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Keeps your drink at the exact temperature you prefer. Because re-heating your coffee in the microwave was the biggest challenge of our times.

Skip the Connection

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While innovation is thrilling, it’s worth asking at what point a smart device becomes, well, a not-so-smart purchase. Perhaps the smartest device we have is our ability to discern between what genuinely enhances our lives and what just adds to the digital clutter. Remember, just because you can connect something to the internet, doesn’t mean you should.

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