The Great Deception: 21 Things You Thought Were True But Aren’t

Let’s set the record straight by uncovering the truth behind 21 things you’ve always thought were true, but are actually just popular myths.

1. The Great Wall of China Is Visible From Space

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Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall is not visible from space with the naked eye.

2. We Only Use 10% of Our Brains

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Modern neuroscience has debunked this myth; we use virtually all parts of our brain.

3. Vikings Wore Horned Helmets

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There’s no historical evidence to suggest Vikings wore helmets adorned with horns.

4. Sugar Makes Children Hyperactive

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Research has shown no direct link between sugar consumption and hyperactivity in children.

5. Goldfish Have a 3-Second Memory

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Studies have demonstrated that goldfish can remember things for months.

6. Napoleon Bonaparte Was Short

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Napoleon was actually of average height for his time; the misconception arises from the difference between French and British measuring units.

7. Bats Are Blind

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Bats can see; they also use echolocation to navigate in the dark.

8. Humans and Dinosaurs Coexisted

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Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years before humans appeared.

9. You Can See the Great Wall of China From the Moon

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Even from low Earth orbit, it is barely visible, and certainly not from the moon.

10. Shaving Hair Makes It Grow Back Thicker and Darker

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Hair regrowth after shaving appears thicker because of the blunt tip, not because shaving changes its thickness or rate of growth.

11. Touching Baby Birds Causes Their Mothers to Reject Them

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Birds have a limited sense of smell and are unlikely to abandon their young due to human scent.

12. Cracking Your Knuckles Leads to Arthritis

Image Credit: Pexels / Eren Li

Studies have found no direct correlation between knuckle cracking and the development of arthritis.

13. Swallowed Gum Takes Seven Years to Digest

Image Credit: Pexels / cottonbro studio

Swallowed gum passes through the digestive system relatively intact and is excreted.

14. Einstein Failed Mathematics as a Student

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Grey82

Albert Einstein excelled in math from a young age.

15. Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

Image Credit: Pexels / Johannes Plenio

Lightning can and does strike the same place repeatedly, especially if it’s a tall, isolated object.

16. Ostriches Bury Their Heads in the Sand When Scared

Image Credit: Pexels / Frans van Heerden

Ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand; this is a myth.

17. You Need to Wait 24 Hours Before Reporting a Missing Person

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Robert Kneschke

You can report someone as missing to the police at any time; there’s no need to wait 24 hours.

18. A Penny Dropped From the Empire State Building Could Kill Someone

Image Credit: Pexels / Jeff Weese

Due to air resistance, a penny would not gather enough speed to be lethal.

19. Chameleons Change Color to Blend Into Their Surroundings

Image Credit: Pexels / Egor Kamelev

While chameleons do change colour, it’s more often in response to temperature, light, and mood, rather than to camouflage.

20. Toilet Water Spins in Opposite Directions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres Due to the Coriolis Effect

Image Credit: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska

The Coriolis effect does not affect small bodies of water like toilet flushing; it’s the design of the toilet and the water jets that determine the direction.

21. Coffee Is Made From Beans

Image Credit: Pexels / mali maeder

Coffee is actually made from the seeds of the coffee fruit, not beans.

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