Thinking About Living Abroad? These 21 Factors Might Hold You Back

Dreaming of a life overseas but feeling like something’s always stopping you? You’re not alone. Many of us harbour aspirations of living abroad yet find ourselves anchored by various concerns and obstacles. Here are 21 common things that might be holding you back from taking the plunge and how to navigate them.

1. Fear of the Unknown

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The biggest barrier for many is the fear of stepping into unfamiliar territory. Combat this by researching your desired destination and connecting with expats online for insider tips.

2. Financial Concerns

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Worries about money can deter anyone. Start by creating a budget plan and exploring overseas job opportunities or remote work possibilities.

3. Language Barriers

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Not speaking the local language can be daunting. Consider taking language classes before and after your move, and use translation apps to help bridge the gap.

4. Family Ties

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Leaving family behind is tough. Regular video calls can help maintain these important relationships, and remember, it’s not a goodbye but a see you later.

5. Fear of Loneliness

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The thought of being alone in a new place can be scary. Look for expat groups, clubs, or classes where you can meet people with similar interests.

6. Career Worries

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Concerned about your career trajectory? Research the job market in your target country and consider international roles or remote working to maintain career growth.

7. Legal and Visa Issues

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Navigating visa requirements can be overwhelming. Consult with immigration experts and start your application process well in advance to avoid surprises.

8. Concerns About Healthcare

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Research the healthcare system in your potential new home and consider international health insurance to ensure you’re covered.

9. Cultural Differences

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Adapting to a new culture can be challenging. Keep an open mind and be willing to learn and adapt to local customs and norms.

10. Educational Needs for Children

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For those with families, schooling is a major concern. Look into international schools or local education options that match your home country’s curriculum.

11. Safety Worries

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Safety is paramount. Research and choose locations known for their stability and safety, and stay informed about local issues.

12. Leaving Friends Behind

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Maintaining friendships from afar is hard but not impossible. Plan regular catch-ups and share your experiences to keep the bond strong.

13. Housing Concerns

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Finding a place to live can seem daunting. Utilize real estate websites and expat forums to find housing that suits your needs and budget.

14. Shipping Personal Belongings

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The logistics of moving belongings internationally can be a headache. Consider selling or storing non-essential items and only bring what you truly need.

15. Adjusting to Local Food

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You might miss your favourite foods. Explore local cuisines and find local stores that sell familiar items to ease the transition.

16. Managing Taxes

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Understanding tax obligations in two countries is complex. Hire a tax professional who specializes in expat finances to avoid legal troubles.

17. Fear of Failing

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The fear of not making it abroad can be paralyzing. Remember, you can always return home, but you might never know what could have been if you didn’t try.

18. Overwhelmed by Planning

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The sheer amount of planning can be overwhelming. Break it down into manageable tasks and tackle them one at a time.

19. Lack of Support System

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Moving without a support network is daunting. Join online communities to find support and advice from those who have been in your shoes.

20. Attachment to Home Comforts

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Leaving behind the familiar comforts of home is not easy. View living abroad as an adventure that will introduce you to new joys and comforts.

21. Indecision About Where to Go

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With the whole world to choose from, deciding on a destination can be hard. Make a list of your priorities and match them with potential countries to find your perfect fit.

Break Free!

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While these barriers can seem insurmountable, with the right preparation and mindset, you can overcome them and embark on the life-changing adventure of living abroad. Remember, the first step is always the hardest, but it’s also the beginning of an incredible journey.

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