20 Tiresome Brexit Topics We Wish Would Disappear

Brexit has been a staple in British discourse for years, stirring as much fatigue as fervour. Are there any new angles left to explore, or have we truly exhausted them all?

1. The Irish Backstop

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The Irish Backstop has been dissected more than a frog in a biology class. Yet, understanding it doesn’t seem any closer.

2. Boris Johnson’s ‘Oven-Ready Deal’

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Boris promised an ‘oven-ready’ deal that feels perpetually stuck at ‘pre-heat.’ Will it ever be ready to serve?

3. Endless Transition Periods

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Just when we think we’re out, they pull us back in with another transition period. It’s like Brexit has a subscription model.

4. Fishing Rights

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Who knew British politics would have so much to say about fish? Yet here we are, nets in hand, still debating.

5. Customs Checks

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Brexit meant leaving, but customs checks make it feel like we never left. Every import now brings a paperwork party.

6. The Northern Ireland Protocol

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This protocol has stirred more drama than a soap opera cliffhanger. Will there ever be a season finale?

7. Keir Starmer’s Critiques

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Keir Starmer critiques the government’s Brexit strategy like a judge on a baking show. But are his alternatives any sweeter?

8. The Pound’s Volatility

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The pound swings more wildly than a pendulum. Should we brace for impact or ride the wave?

9. ‘Taking Back Control’

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‘Taking back control’ sounded grand, yet here we are, seemingly more out of control than ever.

10. Brexit Negotiations

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These negotiations have dragged longer than any binge-worthy TV series. Is there an end in sight?

11. EU Citizens’ Rights

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Rights for EU citizens in the UK were debated, adjusted, and debated again. Have we landed on solid ground yet?

12. Trade Deals

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New trade deals were touted as the silver lining of Brexit. So, are we richer yet?

13. Freedom of Movement

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Remember zipping across Europe without a care? Those were the days.

14. Border Delays

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Expect delays—Brexit’s unofficial motto for anyone near a border.

15. Blue Passports

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Blue passports were a symbol of sovereignty, but they haven’t sped up any travel lines.

16. Impact on Healthcare

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Brexit’s impact on healthcare goes beyond medicine shortages; it’s the long-term prognosis we worry about.

17. Economic Forecasts

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Every economic forecast post-Brexit seems to have a cloudy outlook. When will we see the sun?

18. Liz Truss’s Brief Stint

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Liz Truss’s stint in the Brexit saga was shorter than a British summer. Did it leave any lasting impact?

19. Rishi Sunak’s Promises

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Rishi Sunak promises a smooth Brexit recovery. But first, can he smooth out the road?

20. “Brexit Means Brexit”

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The tautology of ‘Brexit means Brexit’ has filled more airtime than actual information. Can we get a translation, please?

Brexit Blather

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The Brexit narrative continues to circle without landing. As we navigate these choppy political waters, maybe it’s time for some fresh dialogue.

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