18 UK Phrases Mid-Life Millennials Should Drop From Their Vocabulary

Alright, let’s have a chat. You’re not in university anymore, and it’s high time some of those old phrases you’re clinging to got the boot. Here’s a list of 18 bits of slang that really ought to be retired from your vocabulary:

1. “Innit”

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Innit time we stop using “innit” to punctuate every sentence? It’s a bit teenage, isn’t it?

2. “Coolio”

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Unless you’re chatting about the ’90s musician, let’s agree “coolio” sounds like you’re trying a bit too hard to stay hip.

3. “Mate”

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While friendly, overusing “mate” can come off as disingenuous, especially if you’re addressing someone you barely know.

4. “Bae”

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Surely, we can agree that calling your significant other “bae” has had its day. Let’s just stick to their name, shall we?

5. “Lit”

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Describing something as “lit” might have felt fresh once, but now it just seems like you’re stuck in a 2016 time warp.

6. “YOLO”

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You only live once, true – but if we’re being honest, declaring “YOLO” justifies poor decisions more than spontaneity these days.

7. “On Fleek”

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Eyebrows, outfits, you name it—nothing really needs to be “on fleek” anymore. It’s a bit much, don’t you think?

8. “Turnt”

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Unless you’re actually at a bash turning up, it’s probably time to turn down the use of “turnt.”

9. “Totes”

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Is it really so hard to say “totally”? “Totes” just totes sounds like you’re trying to shave milliseconds off your speech.

10. “Amazeballs”

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This one’s had a good run, but really, “amazeballs”? It’s a tad juvenile and cringe-worthy now.

11. “I can’t even”

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You can’t even what? Let’s strive for a bit more clarity and a bit less melodrama.

12. “This is everything”

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Is it really everything? Surely, we can express enthusiasm without such grandiose exaggerations.

13. “Adulting”

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Yes, paying bills and cooking dinner is part of being an adult. No need for a special term every time we do something responsible.

14. “Sorry not sorry”

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An apology should be genuine. This phrase just sounds insincere and a tad snarky.

15. “I’m dead”

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Overreaction much? Unless you’re actually writing from beyond, perhaps we save “I’m dead” for more dramatic events.

16. “Can’t stop, won’t stop”

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But maybe you should, at least when it comes to using this phrase.

17. “Hashtag”

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Speaking a hashtag out loud? It’s time that stayed firmly within the confines of social media.

18. “Slay”

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Unless you’re a knight or Buffy, maybe it’s time to retire “slay” from your daily vocabulary.

Keep Calm and Speak Grown-Up

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It’s all a bit of fun until someone thinks you’re permanently living in your glory days. Updating your slang isn’t about being trendy; it’s about being understood. And frankly, sounding like a sensible adult isn’t such a bad thing, is it? Let’s keep our language as sharp as our wit, shall we?

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