18 Unique Habits of LGBTQ+ Travellers

Lean in, because we’re about to spill the tea on the covert operations and secret handshakes that LGBTQ+ travelers have up their sequined sleeves. Traveling while queer isn’t just about finding the best drag brunch or the gayest beach (though, let’s be honest, those are pretty high up on the list). It’s an art form — a blend of savvy, safety, and a sprinkle of sass that straight folks might not even realize is happening right under their noses.

1. The Art of Online Reconnaissance

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Before setting foot in a new destination, the queer traveler’s prep work rivals that of a secret agent. Scouring forums, hashtags, and travel blogs for LGBTQ+-friendly spots is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s about reading between the lines—where “vibrant nightlife” might mean a safe haven for a fabulous night out.

2. Mastering the Local Lingo

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Learning “hello” and “thank you” in the local language is Travel 101. But for LGBTQ+ travelers, picking up local slang and coded language that signals friend or foe is just as crucial. It’s like having a linguistic Swiss Army knife at your disposal.

3. Finding Allies in the Crowd

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There’s an unspoken kinship that binds LGBTQ+ travelers, a kind of “gaydar” that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. Spotting allies in a crowd—be it through fashion choices, accessories, or the knowing glances exchanged over a crowded room—is a skill honed from necessity.

4. The Check-in Chameleon

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At hotels, the art of the check-in involves a careful dance around pronouns and the nature of relationships. “Is this one bed okay?” becomes a loaded question, answered with a tact that should qualify one for diplomatic status.

5. Crafting a Convincing Backstory

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In less accepting locales, having a believable, straight-as-an-arrow backstory can be essential. This isn’t deception; it’s defense. And let’s face it, concocting tales of fictitious opposite-sex partners can sometimes be an exercise in creative writing.

6. Strategic PDA Calibration

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For many LGBTQ+ travelers, public displays of affection are a calculated risk. The internal PDA barometer gauges everything from hand-holding to correcting strangers when they assume your friend is actually your sibling.

7. The Quick Exit Strategy

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Every queer traveller has mentally mapped out a swift escape route from potentially dangerous situations. It’s like a queer Jason Bourne instinct, knowing how to exit a venue or abort a conversation at the first sign of trouble.

8. Social Media Stealth Mode

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In certain countries, keeping social media profiles on the down-low is a necessary precaution. This might mean curating content or even going incognito, because sometimes, privacy settings are the best travel companion.

9. The Rainbow Radar

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Spotting LGBTQ+ symbols and safe space stickers in unfamiliar territory is like discovering hidden treasure. A tiny rainbow flag in a cafe window can feel like a beacon of hope in a sea of uncertainty.

10. Discreet Inquiry Techniques

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Asking locals about LGBTQ+ friendly spaces without actually coming out can feel like navigating a verbal obstacle course. It’s all about asking the right questions without really asking them.

11. Packable Pride

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Packing for LGBTQ+ travelers often includes items that express identity subtly. From rainbow bracelets tucked away in suitcases to pronoun pins nestled between socks, these items are small affirmations of identity.

12. Supporting LGBTQ+ Businesses

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There’s a conscious effort to support local LGBTQ+ businesses and artists, making every dollar spent a small act of solidarity. It’s like joining a global club where the membership fee helps uplift communities.

13. The Power of Online Communities

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Harnessing the collective wisdom of LGBTQ+ travel groups on social media is invaluable. These platforms offer a goldmine of tips, warnings, and encouragement, all wrapped up in memes and GIFs.

14. Travel Insurance, but Make It Queer

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LGBTQ+ travelers know the importance of having comprehensive travel insurance that covers everything from health emergencies to trip cancellations. It’s not just practical; it’s a necessity for navigating a world that doesn’t always accept us.

15. The Safe Space Scavenger Hunt

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Finding queer-friendly cafes, bookstores, and neighborhoods turns every trip into a scavenger hunt. It’s about piecing together a map of safe spaces, creating a patchwork of places where one can breathe easier.

16. Queer Event Timing

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Planning trips around Pride events, film festivals, and queer art shows isn’t just about catching the best parties. It’s a strategic move to surround oneself with allies and immerse in cultures that celebrate diversity.

17. The LGBTQ+ Landmark Pilgrimage

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Visiting historical LGBTQ+ landmarks, from Stonewall in New York to the Castro in San Francisco, is part pilgrimage, part history lesson. It’s a way to connect with the struggles and triumphs of those who paved the way.

18. Leaving Reviews for the Next Traveler

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Finally, LGBTQ+ travellers know the importance of leaving breadcrumbs for those who follow. Writing reviews for queer-friendly spots not only show gratitude but lights the way for future travellers navigating the same path.

Stay Safe

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Navigating the globe as an LGBTQ+ traveller is an exercise in adaptability, resilience, and, sometimes, sheer guts. But it’s also an incredible adventure, filled with moments of solidarity, discovery, and pride that make all the challenges worth it. So, here’s to the queer travellers: may your journeys be safe, your burdens light, and your stories filled with joy and fabulousness.

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