22 Ways to Spot a British Tourist

From the Costa del Sol to the beaches of Thailand, Brits abroad are like red buses in New York: wonderfully out of place yet an essential part of the landscape. Here’s how you can spot a fellow Brit, blending in with all the subtlety of a brass band in a library.

1. The Optimistic Sunburn

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That hopeful application of SPF 15 on the first day, followed by a week spent resembling a lobster? Classic British optimism.

2. Tea Desperation

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Watching a Brit ask for tea abroad is like witnessing a fish trying to ride a bicycle. “You do have PG Tips, right?”

3. Sorry Reflex

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Bumping into sun loungers and apologising to them as if they’ve caused great offence? That’s the Brit abroad, politeness ingrained.

4. Queueing Solo

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That one person trying to form an orderly queue at the hotel buffet? Yep, British through and through, even in the face of continental chaos.

5. Full English Quest

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Their eternal search for a full English in the midst of foreign cuisine. “But does it come with black pudding?”

6. Weather Obsession

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Two Brits meet and within seconds are comparing the weather here to back home. “Bit hotter than Skegness, innit?”

7. Pub Gravitation

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They have an unerring ability to sniff out the nearest establishment claiming to be a ‘British pub’, regardless of global coordinates.

8. Football Allegiance

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The wearing of a football shirt not just on match day but as a holiday uniform. “You never know when you might meet a fellow Red.”

9. Socks and Sandals

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Only a Brit would consider socks and sandals appropriate attire for exploring ancient ruins or local markets.

10. Sunscreen Application

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Armed with factor 50 yet somehow always missing that one spot. “Thought I’d caught all the bits.”

11. Tea Bag Hoard

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Their suitcase has a secret compartment for tea bags, because you never know when you’ll face a tea emergency.

12. Bargaining with Courtesy

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Attempting to haggle but ending up paying more out of sheer embarrassment. “Oh, that’s still too much? No bother, I’ll take it.”

13. Pub Quiz Commitment

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A holiday isn’t complete without finding a pub quiz, and then arguing about the answers. “I’m telling you, Henry VIII had six wives.”

14. Gratitude Overload

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Thanking machines, waiters, and even the sea for its refreshing qualities. Manners maketh the Brit abroad.

15. The Chip Comparison

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On a mission to find chips that rival those from back home, a quest often ending in disappointment. “Just not the same, are they?”

16. Cheers for Everything

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“Cheers” becomes a Swiss Army knife of expressions, fitting every social interaction imaginable.

17. Complaining as Sport

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Moaning about the heat, the food, and the local driving, but all in the spirit of good-natured banter. “It’s all part of the experience!”

18. Milk in Crisis

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The shock and horror when faced with the prospect of black tea. “Do you not have semi-skimmed?”

19. Curry Night Abroad

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Evaluating every destination by its ability to serve a decent curry. “It’s just not spicy enough, is it?”

20. Souvenir Fashion Faux Pas

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That hat was definitely a mistake, purchased in a moment of sunstroke-induced madness. “It looked good at the time.”

21. Sarcasm Abroad

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Their humour becomes even more cryptic overseas, leaving locals puzzled. “Just having a laugh, aren’t we?”

22. Passport Panic

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The periodic pat-down dance to check their passport’s presence, a ritual performed with religious fervour. “Better safe than sorry.”

Only in Britain

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Spotting a Brit abroad is like finding a needle in a haystack that’s actually waving at you. Despite the sunburn and the tea cravings, it’s these quirks that make travelling all the more memorable. Here’s to the Brits, making the world a more interesting place, one polite apology at a time.

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