30 Habits That Make Men Bolt – You Know Exactly What They Are!

If you’ve ever felt that your dating life isn’t quite what it could be, it might be time to take a step back and examine the traits in yourself that could serve as a turn-off. It can be challenging to identify these qualities within ourselves. Still, with some self-reflection and honest evaluation of our behavior, we can start to see which areas may need some extra attention.

#1. Anger 

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A lot of women throw tantrums and act out in relationships. This is a major turn-off for most men who love healthy relationships.

#2. Awful Manners

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Men do not like a woman that lacks basic manners. Knowing when to use magic words like “please” and “thank you” can never be underrated.

#3. Entitlement

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Forget Disney’s epic love stories — in reality, nothing screams a red flag for most men more than a woman who feels the world revolves around her. 

#4. Playing Dumb

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Some women believe acting dumb will make them more appealing to men. This is far from the truth, as most men love to show off their partners to friends, and it becomes awkward when she has nothing meaningful to say. 

#5. Being Too Emotional

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While men love it when their women have a softer side, nobody likes a crybaby or an emotional wreck.

#6. Insecurity

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The fact is everyone has their insecurities in a relationship. Still, there is a limit to displaying these insecurities while remaining attractive.

If you are used to acting out due to your insecurities, it will not be long before you find yourself single.

#7. Drama Queens

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The romance novels and Hollywood rom-com movies did women dirty on this one. Many women have been erroneously made to believe men fall for the drama queen due to how things play out in movies.

However, producers only add this to the storylines to create exciting content for viewers. 

In reality, men tend to avoid overly dramatic women because they find it stressful to keep up with them. This trait mostly works in dysfunctional relationships.

#8. Overdone Looks 

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Reduce the over-reliance on beauty enhancements. While many women believe bigger lips, hips, or breasts do the trick — most men tend to disagree and prefer a more natural look — it makes you appear confident and more genuine.

#9. Looking Too Young

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While so many women are obsessed with looking younger than their age, it does not necessarily mirror the thoughts of men. For some unexplained reason, men prefer the beauty that resonates with maturity.

#10. Constantly Being on a Diet

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For some reason, women think men are attracted to straight-shaped and thin women. However, that is very far from the truth. Studies have shown that more men prefer their women with feminine curves. 

More importantly, a large percentage of men love sharing their meals. It paints an awkward picture when a guy always has to watch you drink only water while he eats. 

#11. Using Artificial Lashes

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This has become a growing trend over the last decade as more women have become overly dependent on its use. However, men do not care much about it and find it weird. 

#12. Materialism 

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The rise of picture-sharing social media platforms like Instagram and reality TV shows focusing on materialistic lifestyles has made expensive shopping look cool for many women. However, men find this trait childish; in many cases, it is even a deal breaker.

#13. Playing the Joker

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Men love it when they make their girlfriends laugh. When the roles are reversed, and the woman happens to be the funny one, it usually becomes a big put-off. 

#14. Toying With Men’s Feelings

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A playful woman can be fun; most men find that appealing. However, when a woman deliberately plays games with a man’s feelings to get a particular reaction, it creates unnecessary drama.

And one thing most men dislike is drama — try being straight about your feelings and see how he responds.

#15. Lack of Adventure

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There is a thin line between playing it too safe and cutting across as boring. You do not have to go skydiving on your first date, but men love the idea of an occasionally adventurous woman.

#16. Being Too Clingy

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Some women suffocate their men with their presence. They want to do everything together and spend all day with their man. However, it is great to spend some time alone doing things you enjoy. It allows him to miss you and is also a great sign of self-respect.

#17. Tattooing Specific Body Areas

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There is no argument that most people find tattoos sexy. However, for men, there are certain areas of the body they would not like to see a tattoo — like over a woman’s chest area or her navel. 

#18. UGG Boots

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There is nothing to say here except that men find these boots quite unappealing. Interestingly, many women love these boots and believe they are appealing and cute. 

#19. Over-Contouring

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Most women believe contouring enhances their face by highlighting their cheekbones and giving them a smaller nose. However, men are generally not big fans of makeup, so they care less about this trend.

#20. Being a Loner

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A woman that has a good group of friends gives off the signal that she is loyal and can maintain a healthy relationship. Men are big on loyalty and look out for such traits in a partner. Having a group of female friends also lets the man know she has a life outside of him and earns her a different kind of respect.  

#21. Having a Deep Voice

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The movies also made many women believe men find deep voices attractive. However, research confirmed that men prefer women with high-pitched voices. The studies showed that this voice type awakens a man’s protective instinct and makes him feel in charge.

#22. Extreme Independence 

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Men tend to say they prefer their women to be independent, but that is not always the case. The trick is to strike a good balance between being utterly useless and too independent.

Men love to feel like their woman’s knight in shining armor, so even if you are a boss lady, still allow him to come to your “rescue” once in a while. 

#23. Constantly Cussing

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Why any grown woman would think a man finds this attractive needs to be studied, but crazy things happen in this world. Teenagers might tolerate this behavior, but with age, men tend to find it crass. 

#24. Hypersexuality

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Being super horny is great for one-night stands or friends with benefits. However, it generally becomes a problem in long-term relationships. It would help to tone it down a little. 

#25. Flirting Your Way Out of Issues

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Many women try flirting their way out of trouble to avoid accountability in a relationship. Initially, it can be cute, but when your relationship gets more serious, it is best to cut down on such traits and take more responsibility for your actions.

#26. Stressing Over Outfits or Makeup

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Men do not care too much about these things. There is a world of things to think about, and a powder brush is undoubtedly not one of the things men allow to dominate their thoughts.

It can be irritating when a woman always makes too much fuss about her makeup.

#27. Obsessed With Social Media

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When a woman is too obsessed with posting her picture on social media, it can become a turn-off.

Unless you are a social media influencer making money from posting photos, it is always best to do things moderately to avoid any problems in your relationship.

#28. Financial Irresponsibility

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Men find this particularly unappealing. It is challenging to plan a future with someone with no financial discipline and is not making an effort to do better because she thinks it is an appealing trait. 

#29. Never Keeping to Time

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Men hate it when they cannot make an appointment or social engagement because their women are never ready on time. Most women joke about it and revel in these, but deep down, this is one trait most men wish their women could outgrow fast.

#30. Manipulation

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Any form of manipulation is a put-off for most men, especially at the latter stages of their relationship. Every time you get through manipulation, realize you lose some of your appeals to your man.

Women make a lot of arguments about how their men do not pay enough attention to their needs, but they are also guilty of the same. There are several other examples, but these are the most common in most relationships. What other examples do you think should have made it to this list?

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