30 Traits Men Think Women Adore, Yet Are Actually Relationship Deal-Breakers

Ladies, have you ever found yourself on a date with a guy with all the qualities you’re supposed to want, but something feels off? Chances are, he’s fallen victim to the false belief that these certain traits make him irresistible to women. But let’s be honest. Ladies, you know that these so-called irresistible qualities are deal breakers in disguise. In this article, we’ll reveal the top 30 qualities that men believe make them irresistible to women, but in reality, they’re the opposite.

#1. Trying to Make Her Jealous

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Men often think that having other women show interest in them will make their partner more interested. In reality, men who try to make their girlfriends jealous appear untrustworthy.

#2. Wearing Very Strong Cologne

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The sense of smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. Some men take this principle too far by layering on cologne to entice women but instead end up repelling them with perfume overkill.

#3. Talking About His Wealth

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Most women don’t want to hear about how much money a man has made that week, month or quarter. Being humble about wealth is far more attractive than flaunting it. 

#4. Being Overconfident

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A man whose confidence comes off as overbearing or obnoxious will be a red flag for the woman in his life. 

#5. Oversharing With His Mother

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Don’t be mistaken; a close family is a sign that a man could make a great partner, but when that family dynamic results in him sharing every intimate detail of the relationship with his mother, it can be problematic. 

#6. Playing the “Make Her Wait” Game

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An antiquated dating rule that some men feel makes them more desirable is the “three-day wait.” If a date has gone well and he is interested in her, he shouldn’t play mind games.

#7. Only Complimenting Her Physical Features

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As nice as it is to receive a compliment, only hearing about how great she looks can wear on a woman. Compliments about her personality, drive or wit will get far more mileage. 

#8. Making Decisions for Her

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Taking charge of decisions may be nice in isolation, but when a man makes every joint decision without consulting his partner, he can appear controlling.

#9. Not Taking “No” for an Answer

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When a woman expresses that they are not interested in meeting up, men who continue to push for a date could pressure a woman. No means no, fellas.

#10. Talking ***t About His Exes

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If a man is talking s**t about their ex, women will wonder what he’s going to say about them should things not pan out. 

#11. Being Obsessive About Fitness

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A fit man is attractive. What isn’t attractive is a man who is obsessive about his body and fitness regime.

#12. Always Working Late 

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A driven man is desirable as long as he is available often enough to build a relationship with and is not constantly blowing his partner off.

#13. Being Dismissive to Wait Staff

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How you treat others is a direct reflection of yourself. If a man is dismissive or unkind to the wait staff at the restaurant, women will take notice – and not in a good way. 

#14. Assuming She Wants to Be Taken Care Of 

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In the 21st century, women may want to be something other than homemakers and mothers. It can feel stifling when a man assumes that a woman wants to be taken care of financially. 

#15. Avoiding Activities He Isn’t Good At

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It is unappealing when a man has too much pride to be silly with his girlfriend and try something he is bad at.

#16. Blaming PMS for Any Conflict

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Some men will blame a woman’s cycle as a way of dismissing conflict or disagreements. This dismissal minimizes the issue and can make a woman feel like she has not been taken seriously.

#17. Not Including Her in Traditionally Male Discussions

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When meeting with traditionally masculine service providers, men may feel like they are doing the woman a favor and getting the job done for them. But they are also indicating that they think women can’t hold their own in these forums.

#18. Ignoring Her Texts

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As much as women like to see a man with interests and drive, being reliable and reachable will always be the more appealing trait. 

#19. Expecting the Evening to End With Intimacy

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Men who expect to be invited inside after a date, or worse, who express their disappointment if they don’t get invited in, are a big red flag for women. 

#20. Gifting Her Kitchen or Cleaning Supplies

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The assumption that women are only interested in cooking and cleaning is outdated. Men who buy women homemaking-oriented gifts without them explicitly asking for them can hurt or anger their partners.

#21. Not Talking About His Feelings

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Women can feel disconnected when men don’t talk about their feelings because they want to appear strong. They may be missing that emotional intimacy that comes from being vulnerable with one another. 

#22. Trying to Solve Her Problems

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Men might feel they are saving the day by trying to solve all the problems a woman brings up, but sometimes a woman is simply looking for someone to listen.

#23. Sending Racy Photos

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Cell phones make it all too easy to share content instantaneously. When it comes to racy photos, men should think twice before hitting send, as women don’t enjoy receiving unsolicited pictures.

#24. Calling Himself a Feminist Without Being One

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The intention behind calling oneself a feminist is honorable, but if a man is labeling himself as one, he must also walk the walk. 

#25. Posting Too Many Selfies on Social Media

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When a woman is bombarded with endless selfies of a man on social media, no matter how handsome he is, it comes off as vain.

#26. Spending More Time Getting Ready Than Her

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A man who puts himself together is good. A man who spends hours in front of the mirror is bad.

#27. Bragging About Alcohol Tolerance

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Bragging about alcohol tolerance may seem macho, but it can be a big turn-off for many women. 

#28. Getting Handsy in Public

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Women may appreciate a small amount of PDA, like a peck on the cheek or holding hands, but anything beyond this is too aggressive for most ladies.

#29. Giving You Unsolicited Advice

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Unless a woman is asking for advice, telling her how you think she should handle a situation is a big “no-no.”

#30. Engaging in Baby Talk 

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Some cutesy banter can be pleasant in relationships, but it can kill the mood when men engage in baby talk.

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