Bisexual Wonder: 14 Questions to Guide Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Exploring your sexuality can sometimes feel like solving a mystery where you’re both the investigator and the enigma. Bisexuality, with its range of attractions, can add an extra layer of complexity (and uncertainty) to the puzzle. Whether you’re questioning if you’re bisexual, pansexual, or simply appreciating the diversity of human attraction, here are 14 questions to consider — with a touch of humour and a hint of scepticism.

1. Do I Fancy People or Just Their Wardrobes?

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Is it their dazzling personality, or are you just into their leather jacket? Sometimes, the line between wanting to be someone and wanting to be with them is as thin as the latest iPhone.

2. Is My Attraction to Fictional Characters a Valid Point of Reference?

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If you’ve ever found yourself swooning over Mulder and Scully, it might not just be their investigative skills that captivate you. But remember, real life involves significantly fewer aliens.

3. Would I Rather Date Them or Be Them?

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Envy and attraction can be confusingly similar. If you’re unsure whether you want their number or confidence, welcome to the club — the meetings are on Thursdays.

4. Do Gendered Terms in Love Songs Make Me Go, “EH, Not Quite”?

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Ever tried to sing along to a love song and thought, “Well, this is awkward”? If you’ve mentally replaced “girl” with “person” more times than you can count, there’s your sign.

5. Do I Really Hate Societal Norms?

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Are you rebelling against society by refusing to pick a side, or are you genuinely into everyone? Either way, you’re breaking norms like they’re the rules of Monopoly.

6. Do I Question My Sexuality More Than I Question My Life Choices?

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If you’ve spent more time pondering your sexual orientation than your career path, welcome to Millennial Bisexuality 101.

7. Have I Considered That My Attraction to Men Might Just Be Compulsory Heterosexuality?

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Is it true attraction, or have you just been conditioned to think that the opposite gender is like the last slice of pizza at a party — everyone wants it because it’s there?

8. Is My Bisexuality Just a Phase, or Is It the Only Consistent Part of My Identity?

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In a world where everything from your job to your favourite TV show is subject to change, perhaps your bisexuality is the reliable mainstay.

9. Do I See Bisexuality as a Gateway to Being Pansexual, or Am I Just Collecting Labels for a Sense of Belonging?

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In the supermarket of sexual orientations, are you stuck in the aisle between bisexuality and pansexuality, or just enjoying the variety?

10. When Discussing Crushes With Friends, Do I Feel Like I’m Hiding Half My Netflix History?

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If talking about your attractions feels like trying to explain your “recently watched” list without revealing your true binge-watching habits, you might be onto something.

11. Does the Term “Bicurious” Feel Like I’m Dipping My Toe in the Pool but Afraid to Swim?

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“Bicurious”: for when you’re standing at the edge of the bisexual pool, wondering if the water’s warm or if you’re just there for the poolside aesthetics.

12. Am I Open to Dating Across the Gender Spectrum, or Am I Just Really Fond of the Human Race?

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If your dating app settings are set to “Everyone” and you justify it by saying you’re a people person, maybe it’s time to reflect.

13. Do I Find Myself Defending Bisexuality More Than Any Other Cause?

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If you’re more passionate about defending bisexuality than climate change, your investment might be personal.

14. Have I Ever Looked at a Couple and Thought, “Why Choose?”

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If the thought of choosing between coffee and tea leaves you paralyzed, imagine the existential crisis when it comes to choosing between genders.

The Bi-Line

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Navigating bisexuality is like trying to read a book in a language you’re only fluent in when drunk — confusing, enlightening, and a journey in itself. Whether you find clarity or more questions, remember: in the grand scheme of things, it’s your story, and spoiler alert — it’s a page-turner.

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